RedyRef Launches the enGAGE™ Line of Standard Kiosks


RedyRef Interactive Kiosks launches the enGAGE™ line of standard kiosks that can be used as it exists or be semi-customized to meet the component requirements of any kiosk application.

Riverdale, New Jersey. – March 5, 2015 – RedyRef, a turn-key self-service kiosk solution provider announced that they have launched the enGAGE™ line of standard kiosks which features over a dozen different styles for kiosk deployers to utilize as the basic platform of their kiosk requirement. The platform can be used as it exists or be semi-customized to meet the component requirements of any kiosk application.
Platform Approach – It is simple, the enGAGE™ line is built on a standard frame concept that was devised on the idea that retail sells real estate by the square foot. Each enGAGE™ is designed on a frame system that is standardized by the foot –12”, 24” 36”, 48” and so on, so that the footprint easily fits within the parameters of retail space allocations. And, of course, since the enGAGE™ is a frame system, it can easily be customized to other sizes if needed to meet the component requirements of the kiosk component array. 
Customizable Skins – The next part of the modularity of the design is in the fact that the metal cabinets, that we call skins, are mounted/hung from the frames, which are also completely customizable to the needs of the sizes of the components that they house.
Branding Platform – Finally, the skins are not only customizable but also they make for a great branding platform for graphics and decals that complete the holistic intentions of the enGAGE™ modular design. Best of all, the design allows us to meet the needs of your brand and performance while managing cost and speed to the market. Additional benefits include the ability to choose from a variety of monitor sizes to fit your needs, optional custom vinyl-wrapped graphics to further strengthen your brand, the possibility of having a branded header on the kiosk, and extensive equipment options.
Software Solutions – As with all of our kiosks, we provide cutting-edge kiosk software that can suit the needs of your company whether you need an electronic directory, interactive way-finding program, digital signage and much more!
The enGAGE™ kiosk can seamlessly blend into any environment and we have the capabilities to make custom modifications on standard kiosk units to fit the specified requirements of your project. Your business could benefit from a kiosk whether you work in an office, hospital, university, hotel, airport, courthouse, convention center, shopping mall and more. The versatile options can give you stand-alone variations, wall mounted, desk mounted and custom mounted applications so it can virtually work in any given space.
About Redyref
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Featured Kiosk: THE TABLET KIOSK

As touchscreen smartphones and tablets are continuing to rise in popularity, so are Tablet kiosks. With a Tablet kiosk, you can greatly enhance the experience of your clients and customers, who can easily access information and customize their purchase with the touch of their fingertip.
Businesses across all industries can benefit from Tablet kiosks, including hotels, restaurants, transportation companies, retailers, offices, and museums. Regardless of the size of your company, Tablet kiosks are an innovative and cost-effective solution for expanding your business and interacting with consumers. While this type of solution was very expensive in the past, its increased popularity has made these touchscreen kiosks much more affordable.
While the possibilities for these kiosks are endless, their primary benefit is that they give customers the information and resources they need, without making them wait in line to talk to a company representative. If a representative is unavailable, customers can easily find the information they’re looking for, and more, from the kiosk. Likewise, they allow employees to focus more of their time on other responsibilities.
Other benefits of Tablet kiosks include:
·         Versatility – Tablet kiosks are extremely lightweight and versatile, so you can move them anywhere and use them for essentially any purpose. With a Tablet kiosk, job prospects can fill out a digital job application; employees can perform training courses; and customers can view inventory, provide product feedback and customize their orders. You can even bring them along to events and trade shows to increase the visibility of your brand.
·         Increased brand awareness – Your kiosks can be customized to include your company colors and logo for increased brand awareness and marketing.  
·         More efficient management – With their mobile device management system, you can manage all your kiosks from a single centralized location. 
·         Reduced overheads – A Tablet kiosk can provide its users will important information about your business’s products and services. They can relay accurate information to your customers and eliminate the need for additional sales staff. 

If you want to streamline your business operations and improve customer satisfaction, then choose a Tablet kiosk from RedyRef, a leading manufacturer of high quality interactive touchscreen kiosks. We have been producing self-service kiosks and interactive software for over 100 years. Our kiosks combine the Android or Mac OS software and our own exclusive programs, to create a kiosk that’s tailored to your specific needs. For more information about our Tablet kiosks, visit us online.