Interactive Kiosk & Building Directory Designs by RedyRef

Posted On : Thursday, November 13, 2014 By : Will Pymm

Constructing high quality kiosks that are interactive alongside building directories, you can only trust one company to get it right the first time: RedyRef! RedyRef can complete projects from step one to the end result all in house with a team of expert manufacturers, designers and engineers that can brand any kiosk or building directory with your brand in mind. Check out the steps below and various kiosks that can be manufactured.

RedyRef Kiosk Evalutaion

Step 1: It all starts with the evaluation and design. Turning concept into reality is RedyRef’s strong suit!

RedyRef Kiosk Design
Step 2: This is where the magic happens! Engineers begin to bring the concept and design to life with CAD drawings and measurements. 

RedyRef Kiosk Prototype

Step 3: The prototype is created and allows for the client to stop by and check out the progress. If the client wants something changed before production, the RedyRef team can adjust!

RedyRef Kiosk Production

Step 4: The final production of the kiosk finishes its journey from an idea to a physical product!

Different Kiosks Designs
RedyRef Bazooka Kiosk
Bazooka Kiosk with 2nd Montior

RedyRef Razor Kiosk
Razor Kiosk

RedyRef Aspen Kiosk
Aspen Kiosk

RedyRef Custom Kiosk
Custom Kiosk Phillip Morris

RedyRef Navy Razor Kiosk
Navy Razor Kiosk

RedyRef RedyTouch Kiosk
RedyTouch Kiosk

RedyRef ValuTouch Kiosk
ValuTouch Kiosk ADA
RedyRef Razor Kiosk & Signage
Razor Kiosk & Signage

RedyRef Green RedyTouch Kiosk
Green RedyTouch Kiosk

RedyRef Pandora Kiosk Desktop
Pandora Kiosk Desktop

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