Mall Facelifts in 2014 and Beyond

To keep people visiting and shopping, American malls are making resolutions for the New Year and the more distant future. These shopping centers have really transformed over the past decade and will continue to do so to meet the ever-changing desires and expectations of shoppers. Malls know that they are more profitable when they have higher foot traffic, and they are coming up with some inventive ways to bring people in. Check out the changes that we will see in the coming years below.

More than a Mall

Malls need to become places that people visit not just for the shopping, but also for the experience. Companies are realizing that attractions within a mall can bring new people in who will most likely stay to shop. It will become common for malls to have entertainment features that go beyond movie theaters, so don't be surprised to see diversions like ice skating rinks, laser tag games, mini golf courses, and mini amusement parks. Some malls might even step up their game even more by including zoo attractions that change on a regular basis so that people keep coming back to see the different animals. People will go to a mall to check out these attractions and will find reasons to stop and shop before leaving for home.

Eat then Shop

Malls are quickly realizing that people are not just looking for fast food restaurants and food courts when they go shopping. Malls are now looking to feature upscale restaurants as part of the experience. It won't be long before shoppers visit malls for a four-course meal, followed by an evening of shopping. Featuring finer restaurants is a great way to attract people who might not otherwise frequent the mall.

Technology in the Mall

Let's face it, people are obsessed with technology and will go out of their way to find new ways to use it. Stores and other retailers that incorporate automatic kiosks for ordering have seen huge jumps in their sales because people enjoy interacting with technology while shopping. Malls have caught on to the trend and many will soon feature technology like a digital directory. This is a way to help shoppers interactively locate information that is personalized to their needs.

Malls are adapting to the evolution of shoppers. With new and better features that offer a little something for everyone, these retail locations will no longer just be a place to shop -- they'll be destinations.

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