matrix surface digital directory
The Matrix wall-mount digital directory kiosk makes a modern first impression across a wide variety of environments, from office lobbies to multi-building campuses.

Starting at $5200

Standard Sizes: 22″, 32″, 42″, 55″, 65″

Custom sizes are also available

Matrix Highlights:

  • Engineered to enclose a wide range of display sizes in landscape or portrait orientation
  • Built-to-last stainless steel construction
  • Integrated with REDYREF’s enGAGE.Touch digital directory software platform for static and touchscreen displays
  • Allows users to easily locate personnel, facilities, offices, departments or buildings
  • Facilities services, building amenities, weather, news feeds and company announcements may also be displayed
  • Additional enGAGE.Touch software modules are available, including Wayfinding, Mobile Handover, Visitor Management, Event Management and Advertising Channel
matrix recessed digital directory kiosk

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More About the Matrix Digital Directory Solution:
  • Matrix enclosures have been engineered to enclose a wide-range of display sizes in a landscape or portrait orientations
  • Feature an eye-catching, brandable stainless steel finish.
  • When paired with the enGAGE.Touch directory software platform, the Matrix offers a robust, intuitive static or touchscreen solution for those seeking to assist visitors and guests with locating personnel, facilities, offices, departments or buildings.
  • Facility services, building amenities and announcements may also be displayed alongside directory information if desired.
  • Whether navigating within single office buildings or large multi-facility campuses, detailed maps ensure visitors are able to reach their intended destinations on-time and without unnecessary stress or frustration.
Other enGAGE.Touch Software Modules:
  • Wayfinding: Designed to give visitors navigational support to and from interior and exterior locations. Optional blinking paths, interactive maps and SMS integrations are available.
  • Mobile Handover: Transfers wayfinding maps from kiosks to users’ smartphones
  • Visitor Management: Enables visitor notifications to be sent via SMS or email to building tenants or employees, simplifying communication while keeping contact information private. An optional integrated camera featuring advanced photo-capture software is also available for an additional security.
  • Event Management:  Dynamically display events at monitors or digital signage locations across facilities
  • Advertising Channel: Allows images and text to be displayed for advertising purposes.
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