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REDYREF enGAGE 360: The Future of Self-Service

RedyRef enGAGE 360 Kiosks

REDYREF's enGAGE 360 concept pays homage to our vertically-integrated philosophy. As one the few companies that designs, engineers, fabricates, develops software and provides ongoing support of interactive kiosks, we are able to create complete kiosk solutions all in-house, from concept to deployment. And because these kiosks have evolved over time to be complex, digital systems, none of them would be complete without the sum of all these parts.

REDYREF engineers and developers are constantly reviewing and updating our range of kiosk enclosures and software platforms as technologies evolve. This includes customizing applications for our clients as required by their specifications, as well as creating fully custom solutions as those needs arise. We invite you to explore our full line of kiosks and software solutions on the newly-redesigned


VisitorCheck: Self-Service Visitor Management

Visitor Management Software by RedyRef

Lobbies are often the first real touchpoint and physical “first impression” visitors have. Just as a well-designed website is a powerful tool to communicate a brand message, a lobby can do the same in the physical realm. Beyond their image-enhancing capabilities, lobbies also serve as a security checkpoint in an increasingly safety-conscious world.

That’s why we developed VisitorCheck  — the evolution of digital visitor management. This system combines the most important aspects of visitor management in a streamlined, easy-to-use and secure package. The solution is simple: visitors entering the lobby approach the touchscreen, enter their name and mobile number, the kiosk takes a picture of the visitor and then sends a text to the staff member. The staff member receives the text with all the visitor information including their picture. The staff member can respond without downloading an app and the visitor will never see the employee’s mobile number.

Request a proposal to find out how VisitorCheck can help your company streamline the visitor management process.

(Current customers who utilize REDYREF's legacy visitor management software and wish to migrate to VisitorCheck, please contact us for more information.)


Featured Kiosk Project: World War II Memorial

WWII Memorial Kiosk

REDYREF is proud to have been selected to design and deploy the new interactive, outdoor kiosk at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. It features curated information about the memorial, including material from the National Archives, a searchable database of those who served and details about the war and its impact on everyday individuals. Because of its geographic location, the kiosk has been engineered to withstand the elements of rain, snow, and various temperature fluctuations.

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