A History of Success…

1913. That’s the year RedyRef was founded. Our name offers a clue as to our beginnings; it is a nod to the public phone book binders we began manufacturing more than 100 years ago and formed the foundation of the company. RedyRef — short for “Ready Reference” — quickly expanded to making full telephone booths, too. With our origins as a trusted manufacturer of innovative enclosures for communication technology, it isn’t difficult to imagine how we got to where we are now: as a leading designer and fabricator of interactive kiosks and digital signage solutions. Our reputation for high-quality, American-made products is not just part of our legacy, but an intrinsic piece of our identity to this day.


…with a Focus on the Future

From telephone booths to touchscreen kiosks, we have supported our clients at every stage of the communications revolution by offering cutting-edge solutions along with unmatched service, quality and value. While the advent of mobile computing and cloud technology has created new challenges, with it has come almost-unheard-of opportunities for our clients to connect directly with their own customers. Early on we understood the necessity of creating not only enclosures (the “hardware”) with high degrees of functionality and attractive design, but also customized software in order to ensure the usability of these high-tech public communication tools. Whether we’re designing for digital signage or self-service kiosks, RedyRef’s dedicated team of expert systems architects and computer engineers know how to do exactly that.  In this way, we are able to holistically address the entire system from concept to deployment, guaranteeing it performs exactly as intended in the environment for which it was built.

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Made in America for More than 100 Years

Since 1913, RedyRef has been a proud U.S.-based enclosure manufacturer.  Our dedication to quality and customer service has meant an expansion over the last decade that now enables us to offer our services across four facilities serving all of North America, totaling more than 250,000 square feet.  Each location — from Texas to New Hampshire — offers a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to meet almost any job specification.  From welding and grinding, to shearing, bending and finishing, we are able to provide a truly vertically-integrated kiosk-manufacturing experience to our clients whether they are located in Austin or Altoona.

A Dedicated Team, “All Under One Roof”

Because we keep most processes in-house — even assembly and complex electrical integrations — RedyRef has a distinct competitive advantage.  Because we control the entire process from end-to-end, we are able to prototype and make changes to enclosures and software quickly when requirements or needs change, giving our customers a greater opportunity for successful product deployments — from interactive kiosks, to digital signage and touchscreen building directories  — while still keeping costs down.

We provide a vertically-integrated manufacturing experience for customers across North America.


Design & Engineering

We offer customized industrial engineering and design services from initial concept to blueprint and assembly drawings, all of which is completed in house.


Our capabilities include a wide variety of manufacturing solutions, from precision metal parts fabrication and finishing, to complex complex electronic integrations and assembly of prototypes.


With four U.S. manufacturing facilities, RedyRef is uniquely poised to meet customer needs from Canada to Mexico, including delivery via our company truck fleet, overseas product shipment and inventory management.

Software Development

On-site software engineers provide our clients with customized kiosk interfaces that fit their precise environmental and use case requirements.


Marketing & Strategy

  • Will Pymm Senior Vice President
  • Paul Freeman Director of Business Development

Software & Technology

  • Ashley Heather Technology Architect
  • Einar Breen Software Architect
  • Juan Calcagno Software Developer
  • Lance Thai Tech Support

Operations & Design

  • Chris Weigand Industrial Design
  • Bill Pymm Solutions Engineer
  • Fred Ravo Design Engineer
  • Nathan Lee Mechanical Engineer
  • Sharmin Imran – Operations Manager


  • Joe Amico VP Manufacturing
  • Dipak Ghandi Quality Manager
  • Lee Grzywinski – Production Manager


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