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REDYREF software solutions

REDYREF designs and manufactures custom digital kiosk prototypes as well as large-scale kiosk deployments for enterprise customers. Often these solutions require more than just kiosk hardware, and instead necessitate the development of full kiosk solutions, including software and servicing. 

This is why we have created a number of different ways to meet the needs of our clients, including REDYREF's in-house kiosk software (enGAGE.Touch), the option to utilize our remote kiosk management service, and strategic partnerships with industry-leading software ISVs. 


REDYREF provides touch screen and non-touch (static) digital directory, wayfinding, and visitor management software. It is suitable across many environments, including university, government, corporate, outdoor and hospital applications. 

Each of the enGAGE.Touch modules can be purchased and deployed separately as stand-alone solutions, or together to provide users with multiple options for navigating their surroundings.

Intuitive and user-friendly, enGAGE.Touch allows visitors to quickly locate companies, departments or personnel, find conference rooms and events, or conveniently manage their own check-in process.

Kiosk Software
Kiosk Software

Software Partners

Utilizing our network of best-in-class ISV partners, we collaborate with clients to deliver specialty kiosk software, as well as complete kiosk solutions, to market.  

Our ISV partners cover a vast array of markets and environments, including self-pay, ticketing, self-ordering, vending/dispensing, and telemedicine. 

Working together, we are able to meet a vast array of client needs while providing both our customers and our partners opportunities for exceptional growth.


enGAGE 360 is an enterprise IoT platform designed to provide the rapid development, deployment, management, and monitoring of IoT solutions including kiosks, digital signs, tablets, appliances, and other IoT smart devices.

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