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Kiosk Software

REDYREF software solutions

REDYREF designs and manufactures custom digital kiosk prototypes as well as large-scale kiosk deployments for enterprise customers. Often these solutions require more than just kiosk hardware, and instead necessitate the development of full kiosk solutions, including software and servicing. 

This is why we have created a number of different ways to meet the needs of our clients, including REDYREF's in-house kiosk software (enGAGE.Touch), the option to utilize our remote kiosk management service, and strategic partnerships with industry-leading software ISVs. 


REDYREF provides touch screen and non-touch (static) digital directory, wayfinding, and visitor management software. It is suitable across many environments, including university, government, corporate, outdoor and hospital applications. 

Each of the enGAGE.Touch modules can be purchased and deployed separately as stand-alone solutions, or together to provide users with multiple options for navigating their surroundings.

Intuitive and user-friendly, enGAGE.Touch allows visitors to quickly locate companies, departments or personnel, find conference rooms and events, or conveniently manage their own check-in process.

Kiosk Software
Kiosk Software

Software Partners

Utilizing our network of best-in-class ISV partners, we collaborate with clients to deliver specialty kiosk software, as well as complete kiosk solutions, to market.  

Our ISV partners cover a vast array of markets and environments, including self-pay, ticketing, self-ordering, vending/dispensing, and telemedicine. 

Working together, we are able to meet our clients' needs while providing both our customers and our partners opportunities for exceptional growth.


enGAGE 360 is an enterprise IoT platform designed to enable the development, deployment, management, and monitoring of IoT solutions including kiosks, digital signs, tablets, appliances, and other IoT devices.
The enGAGE platform includes:

* Device Configuration
Devices to be managed by enGAGE may be pre-configured to enable fast registering and licensing of remote clients. Device configuration provides central management of hardware components and external system interfaces such as ticketing APIs and payment processing gateways.

* Device Monitoring and Management (remote commands)
The device dashboard provides an overview of the statuses of all devices, with the ability to quickly drill down into hardware component health and to initiate commands such as reboots to the remote devices.

* Application Management
Client-side applications are centrally managed from the enGAGE server, with integrated revision control across configuration and deployment.

* Alert Management
Configure and manage alerts easily across all of your devices. Pre-defined component alerts allow easy configuration of email and text messaging distribution for desired event notifications.

* User and Role Management
Define users and easily manage access to specific functions via enGAGE's Role Management subsystem.

* Transaction Management
Easily monitor and report on any type of transaction including product sales, payments, coupon dispensing, voucher redemption, and more.

* Content Management
Easily upload content such as digital signage media and product information to the enGAGE IoT server and distribute to remote devices.

* Custom Dashboards
Extensibility and single-sign-on features allow the fast creation and deployment of custom dashboards that allow you to manage data using your own terminology and viewpoint.

* Business/Location Management
Define businesses and locations to allow granular management of devices and content and reporting of usage, alerts, and transactions.

* Product Management
Products and product catalogs are easy to manage within enGAGE IoT server. Custom attributes and printed items provide the flexibility you need to sell and deliver tickets, gift cards, and virtual inventory products.

* Reporting and Analytics
Drill down into user sessions, device heartbeats, transactions and more so your system’s operational efficiency is always at your fingertips.
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what industries use redyref kiosk software?

REDYREF's kiosk software, as well as kiosk software solutions provided by our respected partners, is used throughout the world by nearly every imaginable industry. These include: 

- Global transportation (airlines, trains)

- Retail

- Food service / fast-casual / quick-service restaurants (QSRs)

- Financial services / banks

- Regional transportation authorities (subways, buses)

- Hospitality

- Amusement / entertainment

- Healthcare / telemedicine

- Government

- Education

why use redyref for kiosk software?

REDYREF is a full-service provider of turn-key digital kiosk solutions. We have been designing, manufacturing and deploying kiosks for more than 100 years.

Our integrated business model is unique in the industry and allows us to be involved holistically in the kiosk development process from design through deployment.
REDYREF enGAGE 360 Integrated Kiosk Solutions Flow Chart

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