Kiosk Software Solutions for the Interactive Age

RedyRef not only designs, engineers and fabricates self-service kiosks enclosures, but develops kiosk software, too. From digital directories and interactive wayfinding, to bill payment and self-ticketing, we have full-service kiosk solutions for almost any use case.  And if we don’t have it today? Just ask, and our in-house developers will customize a software application that suits your specific business need.

Digital Building Directory Software

RedyRef’s enGAGE.Touch building directory software makes it easy to locate companies, departments or personnel within any facility, from single office buildings to large educational campuses.

Our detailed floor and campus maps ensure visitors are able to reach their intended destinations on-time and without unnecessary stress and frustration. enGAGE.Touch digital directories also provide an opportunity for our corporate clients to greet visitors with customized announcements, or display product and service information or recommendations.

Digital Wayfinding

Interactive Wayfinding Software

Interactive wayfinding kiosks are designed to give end users navigational support from any location — interior and exterior — included in the system.  enGAGE.Touch wayfinding software offers detailed indoor and outdoor wayfinding assistance with animated paths, including turn-by-turn instructions.  It also supports SMS (mobile text) integration and features Google Maps, including traffic conditions and directions to locations both on and off campus.

enGAGE Visitor Management Software

Lobbies are often the first real touchpoint and physical “first impression” visitors have. Just as a well-designed website is a powerful tool to communicate a brand message, a lobby can do the same in the physical realm. Beyond their image-enhancing capabilities, lobbies also serve as a security checkpoint in an increasingly safety-conscious world.

That’s why we developed VisitorCheck — the evolution of digital visitor management. This system combines the most important aspects of visitor management in a streamlined, easy-to-use and secure package.  The clean, touchscreen interface can be deployed on any suitable RedyRef kiosk, while the app is easily downloaded onto almost any compatible mobile device so that visitor information may be communicated to employees directly wirelessly via email or text.

VisitorCheck includes:

  • Guest- or employee-initiated registration options, depending on kiosk installation chosen
  • Flexible information collection; anything from a simple “sign-in” to digital photo capture to the printing of scannable barcode badges can be integrated into the system
  • Streamlined: Most registrations are completed in fewer than 30 seconds
  • Visitor information can be communicated to multiple departments at once, from individual employees to security staff
  • Visitors and contractors can be tracked from the time they enter the building until the moment they leave, allowing for an additional layer of security for both the company and guests, especially in case of an emergency such as fire or security breach.
  • No integration into existing computer systems is required
  • Option for visitor photo capture means all guests’ images can be sent to employees to verify identities visually
  • Private; employee mobile phone numbers are hidden at all times from visitors
  • Allows employees to carry out tasks that require movement throughout the building or campus without concern that they may miss a visitor while away from their desk
  • Less intrusive to employees than calls
Kiosk Lobby Visitor Check

Interactive Vending Software

RedyRef is a leader in the automated dispensing and vending space, and our interactive kiosks can be seen in airports, malls and other environments in which space is at a premium.  As this rapidly-evolving form of retail continues changing, we are equipped to continue assisting our clients who find that they need to adapt to this new aspect of consumer culture that has resulted in a customer that demands quality, convenience and high levels of available customization from their purchase interactions.

Secure Browser Software

RedyRef’s Secure Browser software locks down and secures any public access PCs, kiosks, terminals or self-service stations.  It does this by restricting user access to the operating system, desktop, programs and folders based on the client’s desired access levels. Internet access to certain websites can also be blocked or filtered for objectionable or illegal content.  Our software is developed with a range of different browser skins, virtual keyboards and payment functionalities in mind.

Secure browser software safeguards computers and tablets immediately once the system is booted up, insulating it from user manipulation and ensuring maintenance-free operation of your systems 24/7. By creating a secured user account with limited access rights, end users are prevented from accessing the operating system, as well as any drives, programs, keyboard combinations and URLs our clients wish to protect, which a software watchdog monitors the system for errors or security breaches.

The Secure Software integrated kiosk browser is based on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and is capable of displaying the same content such as web pages, including images (.gif, .jpg, .png and .bmp), videos, Flash and PDF files.

Drivers License Testing Kiosk

Driver’s License Testing Software

SelfTest, RedyRef’s Driver’s License Testing solution, is comprised of three components: the Administrative Console (AC), Examiner Console (EC) and Automated Testing Stations (ATS).

SelfTest is a Windows-based software suite designed to take advantage of the existing statewide LAN/WAN environment, and can be enabled to communicate directly to existing databases and state systems to retrieve pertinent user information and statistics, as well as to pass testing results directly into the state’s driver management and licensing system. In light of the “Real ID” program being implemented by Homeland Security, we have ensured that SelfTest can be integrated with a number of security features and peripherals to aid state personnel in verifying identities and streamlining the registration process.

SelfTest is designed as a “thick client’” application, with resident software installed on all component PCs, allowing the system to continue to function even in the event of a WAN failure, whereas a testing site may lose connection to the state backbone, and is able to defer transmission of critical data and statistics up the chain until such time as the connection is restored.

The central component of the SelfTest solution is the Administrative Console application. The AC application allows the designated state coordinator to control all aspects of all tests administered through via SelfTest, including addition, modification, and removal of questions; changes of testing parameters and algorithms used to create and randomize specific tests; and the ability to compile and review reports of testing results both by testing location as well as statewide.

The Examiner Console (EC) application, installed at each Testing Location (site) allows the designated examiners to assign one or more tests to an applicant, to define the testing language and whether the test is to be voice prompt assisted. Additionally, the EC application tracks all tests at the local site, allowing the examiner to oversee the progress of individual tests and provides the ability to review an applicant’s entire test, including answers selected versus correct answers, if desired. The EC application also allows the examiner to produce and review statistical reports for the site, and provides the ability to retrieve individual testing results for auditing or verification purposes. The EC application coordinates all communication to and from the AC as well as to and from any statewide systems or databases, as designed.

The public interface of The SelfTest system is the Automated Testing Station (ATS). The ATS application is designed to present an assigned test or series of tests to an applicant, and locks out access to any system or OS functions outside the testing software.

The SelfTest solution is designed to function on commercially-available hardware, has low resource requirements and does not utilize any custom or proprietary hardware components, making it easy to maintain and operate. This open architecture also allows for a variety of procurement options, as the software is not dependent on specific hardware.

Self Check-In

Airport environments, in particular check-in and and baggage claim areas, require that passengers be directed to right place quickly and with zero ambiguity.  Our RedyTouch Directory Solution greets passengers and visitors at both departures and arrivals, directs them to gates and terminals, retail locations, hotel services or ground transportation with just a touch of a button. After acquiring their desired information, users are shown to their destination with detailed floor and terminal maps. Multiple languages are available to meet the needs of today’s diverse communities. RedyRef’s user-friendly directory design and interactive wayfinding assistance software makes all of this possible.

Video Walls

From single viewers to collaborative teams, video walls have a range of uses and the technology behind them continues to evolve rapidly. RedyRef has made it a point to be a part of this growth, offering our customers a chance to utilize these incredibly versatile systems for a range of different applications, from showcasing product to security monitoring.

RedyRef video walls may be equipped with a number of different cutting-edge technologies, including powerful video engines capable of playing 1080p60 video, native 4K video, or even two videos simultaneously.  These monitors allow live television to be streamed via HDMI In, while hardware accelerated HTML5 delivers flawless playback of hi-resolution video assets.  We also provide clients with access to the powerful drag-and-drop BrightAuthor™ tool that uses a common clock to achieve frame-accurate synchronization.

Additionally, our video walls — like all of our digital signage — can be made interactive. Trigger playback from virtually any type of interactive device including barcode scanners, motion sensors, RFID, GPIO, serial, IR, USB button controls, touch screens or mice. Or, Integrate BrightSign to create an interactive touch solution.  The possibilities are practically endless.

Custom Software

RedyRef has full software development capabilities in-house which enables us to provide customers with both standard software packages or customized solutions as required.  Our on-site programmers manage all aspects of kiosk software development, including testing and configuration. Additionally, we maintain strong working relationships with a full range of software channel partners with expertise in various vertical markets. Regardless of what solution is ultimately chosen, we take pride in providing our clients with kiosk software that is a perfect fit for their specific environment and use case.