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Digital & Interactive Kiosk Software

Kiosk software is an essential component of self-service kiosks, providing the interface and functionality that enables our clients and their customers to interact with these systems, whether for wayfinding, self-payment, or anything in between. REDYREF's digital kiosk software can be customized to meet the specific needs of nearly any industry, environment or application.


REDYREF's Digital Kiosk Software

Digital Directory Kiosk Software

Digital building directory kiosk software  allows users to search for offices, departments and people quickly and easily, helping to reduce wasted time as well as decrease unnecessary stress. Interactive directories can include features like electronic door access systems and call-to-announce options.

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stainless steel digital directory

Wayfinding & Mapping
Kiosk Software

Wayfinding kiosk software not only helps visitors and guests locate specific areas of a building or broader local area, but they also assist them in getting there via the use of integrated mapping applications. Some wayfinding software includes features like lighted paths and SMS mobile hand-off, allowing users to take these maps with them on the go.

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Kiosk Management Software

REDYEF's ENGAGE kiosk management software empowers our customers to monitor all of their kiosk systems at the same time via real-time remote management tools, which can be used with any of our solutions, from digital signage to video walls. 

ENGAGE Kiosk management software
ticketing kiosks in NYC

Ticket Kiosk Software

Ticketing kiosk software is ideal for concert and entertainment venues, amusement parks, transportation hubs and sports stadiums, allowing tickets to be dispensed in person from ticket kiosks or printed from home or work. 

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Visitor Management & eConcierge Software

eConcierge kiosk software replaces traditional visitor management channels via digital kiosks and mobile apps, all of which can be accessed via a single console. Our software solution supports functions such as interactive mapping and wayfinding, communication of events and area information, business/property information, guest check-in and checkout, and more. 

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econcierge and visitor management kiosks software
cash-to-card digital kiosks in mobile trailer at fair

Cash-to-Card Kiosk Sofware

Cash-to-card kiosk software allows users to convert hard currency or electronic funds into prepaid digital cards, including gift cards. Cash-to-card kiosks can be found in places like amusement parks and fairs, on college campuses, at music festivals or in grocery and convenience stores.

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Digital Signage & Video Wall Software

Digital signage kiosk and video wall software create powerful visual first impressions, and are used with electronic displays in a wide range of configurations, from single units to multiple screens, in any number of designs. These digital displays dynamically present information in real-time, whether used as mid-sized digital restaurant boards, for large-scale video wall installations, or smaller digital elevator signs. 

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Video Wall
Young woman using interactive touch screen city display to check for information, New York City, USA.

Smart City Kiosk Software

Smart city kiosk software allows visitors and residents alike to engage with and navigate within the city or municipal area surrounding them with the help of integrated digital applications. This software is designed to be used as part of a larger electronic kiosk system, which are often deployed as a program of multiple kiosks spread around the local area at points that see greater foot traffic. They can include local area information, mapping and wayfinding, event information, paid advertisements, wifi hotspots and even webcams with SMS-enabled "selfie stations."

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Information Access Kiosk Software

Information kiosk software can help distribute valuable information to employees, customers, visitors and guests whenever and wherever they need it. This software is often integrated into electronic kiosks and deployed within retail environments in order to offer customers to look up the price of items or find them within the store. They are often used for human resources needs as well, such as the submission of job applications or to assist with new employee orientation. 

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information kiosk examples.
digital trophy case and sports hall of fame

Digital Trophy Case & Honor Board Kiosk Software

Digital trophy case and honor board software allow schools to display athletic achievements alongside their unique culture and history in an engaging and interactive format. This software can be integrated into electronic kiosks, video wall displays and even websites. 

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Airport and Dock Fee Payment Kiosk Software

Self-service airport landing fee and dock payment software kiosks are becoming increasingly popular, especially for regional facilities. Not only do they provide a convenient way to improve the customer experience, but they can significantly and positively impact operational efficiency as well. REDYEF's solution allows self-payment of fees for both airplane landings and boat docking. Pilots and captains who frequent specific destinations can save their craft's information in the system to expedite future transactions. 

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airport fee payment kiosk at boca raton airport
blue and stainless check-in and queuing kiosk for AT&T

Self-Check-In and Queuing Kiosk Software

Self-service check-in and queuing software is an easy and efficient solution for a wide range of environments, from hotels and healthcare clinics to retail stores and DMVs. REDYREF's check-in kiosk software helps decrease long wait times while increasing customer and guest satisfaction. 

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Payment & Transactional Kiosk Software

Transactional payment kiosk software allows customers to complete financial transactions without employee assistance. Common uses for self-payment kiosks include restaurant self-ordering and payment, bill payment, retail self-checkout and motor vehicle registration renewal.

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Wendy's Digital Ordering Kiosks
telemedicine and telehealth kiosk

Telehealth & Telemedicine Kiosk Software

Telehealth kiosk software utilizes specialized applications to help provide basic medical services to patients without an in-office visit via video chat communications. Telemedicine kiosks also help to protect healthcare workers from unnecessary exposure to common illnesses like flu, cold and even COVID, by screening patients via the use of integrations like infrared thermometers.

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Digital Kiosk Software FAQ

How easy is it to update kiosk software?
Just login into your web-based content management portal and click on the information you want to change, add the new information, and press "submit."
Is training provided?
Yes, training will be provided, as well as and support documentation. We have a customer service line, as well, to answer any questions you may have.
Is digital kiosk software easy to maintain?
For software maintenance, each system comes with annual support.
Can kiosk software work wirelessly?
We suggest using hardwired Cat5 or Cat6 connectivity to our kiosks as it facilitates a more reliable connection, however, wireless internet connection is acceptable. We can also provide LTE/Cellular connectivity if either hardwired or wifi is not available.
What if software needs to be installed on a kiosk outdoors?
There is a huge difference between indoor and outdoor kiosks and software. For instance, the displays tend to be anywhere from 2x to 5x brighter to enable readability in direct sunlight sunlight. Outdoor kiosks also require temperature control systems to enable them to operate in even very hot, cold, wet and very windy environments and include water protection to avoid damage of hardware. If your application is outdoor we will help you find the best solution for your needs.

Latest Updates

From Our Social

If you asked our team members about their favorite project, it would likely be difficult to choose one. However, almost all would agree that this one, for the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) would be in the running.

Who says bus shelters can`t be beautiful?

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#kiosks #technology #innovation #selfservice #touchscreen #kiosk #touschscreenkiosk #selfservicekiosk #transportation #busshelter #KCATA #KC #kansascity #smartcity

REDYREF is excited to announce our recent collaboration with the Westchase District in Houston, TX! We created a custom kiosk program featuring our Evo interactive information kiosks. These indoor/outdoor kiosks have been specifically designed to withstand the Texas heat and sun, with canopies to provide added protection. Our team worked closely with the Westchase District to ensure that these kiosks met their unique needs and requirements. We`re thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the Westchase District and look forward to helping similar neighborhoods and cities in the future!

Contact REDYREF today to learn more about our customizable kiosk solutions (link in bio).

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Ever heard of a virtual mannequin? Touch-on-glass and interactive touch foils? Or virtual kiosks? While even a few years ago, these would have been considered futuristic technologies, all of these examples (and a host of others that are similarly impressive) currently exist in retail environments.

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#kiosks #selfservice #technology #digitalkiosks #tech #innovation #selfserve #retailexperience #userexperience #customerexperience #retailenvironment #omnichanel #endlessaisle #virtualmannequins #touchonglass

The Endless Aisle...Omnichannel...Virtual Merchandising...Unified Commerce...10 years ago, these were not common retail terms. Truly, even five years ago you’d have been hard-pressed to find these terms used very often. But today, have made some pretty serious headway into the retail industry and while they aren’t something most consumers would recognize, they have at this point become part of the retail vernacular.

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#kiosks #selfservice #technology #digitalkiosks #tech #innovation #selfserve #retail #retailexperience #omnichannel #endlessaisle #unifiedcommerce #interactive #userexperience #UX

REDYREF is proud to have partnered with Apollo V2 to create a customized Empire 3.0 kiosk, showcasing their complete, fully-adaptive digital sports data management system at a recent trade show. Our team worked closely with Apollo V2 to design and manufacture a kiosk that not only looked great but also functioned seamlessly with their software. We`re thrilled to have played a part in helping them bring their innovative technology to life and look forward to future collaborations.

Learn more about REDYREF can bring your ideas to life on our website (link in bio)!

#REDYREF #ApolloV2 #digitaltechnology #customkiosks #innovation #tradeshow #digitalkiosks #technology #sportstechnology #tech #kiosks #interactivekiosks #kiosk

Most people know that REDYREF is a digital solutions company with years of experience building self-service technology. But what most *don`t* know is that we`ve been around since 1913. Yes, you read that right!

Having been around this long, you could say that we know a thing or two about producing quality products alongside industry-leading customer service. That`s why these companies, and many more, trust REDYREF to build and deploy their self-service solutions.

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#kiosks #technology #innovation #selfservice #touchscreen #kiosk #touschscreenkiosk #selfservicekiosk #quality #service #customerservice #trust #value #history

Here`s a behind the scenes look at production of the Kansas City Area Transit Authority bus shelter transit kiosks.

With a modern design that is as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing, these shelters are designed to protect from inclement weather while providing a range of services from interactive wayfinding to self-service ticketing.

Beyond practical functions, these shelters also provide ample space for both digital and non-digital advertisements.

To talk to a consultant or request a quote, visit the link in bio.

#kiosk #manufacturing #engineering #kiosks #technology #redyref #business #production #transit #shelter #bus #wayfinding #advertising

EMV stands for “Europay, MasterCard and Visa” -- the three companies that originally developed the technical standards for smart card processing. EMV was developed as a safer alternative to traditional magnetic stripe (magstripe) cards. Why is EMV safer? Find out on our blog!

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#kiosks #technology #innovation #selfservice #touchscreen #kiosk #touschscreenkiosk #selfservicekiosk #paymentkiosk #electronicpayments #creditcards #debitcards #payments #EMV #magstripe #NFC #security

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