Interactive Digital Video Walls

Digital video walls are a modern, engaging way to display a wide range of content, from important business, facility and community information, to beautiful, vibrant, digital artwork. REDYREF offers interactive video walls for lobbies, cafeterias, conference rooms, waiting areas, and other communal spaces
Video Wall

Video Wall Features & Benefits

While a video wall may look like a collection of flat-screen televisions, it is actually far more than that. Behind them lies technology that is considerably more powerful than anything a standard television can provide, such as: 

- Higher resolutions = unmatched screen brightness and sharpness
- Incredibly high processing speeds and power
- Superior versatility; can be used for multiple purposes
- Enhanced reliability via the use of commercial-grade components
- Software-controlled displays that allow content to be updated quickly, easily, and via remote (cloud) access


Video Wall LCD Displays

REDYREF video wall systems feature razor-sharp LCD technology. These display panels are available in a wide range of sizes and resolutions (even up to 8K), and are designed with narrower bezels to enable a near flush-mount installation depth. And because not all displays will be mounted in ideal circumstances, they also feature flexible mounting solutions. 

Video Wall
Interactive Video Wall Display

Video Wall Sizes

Every environment is unique, and therefore requires a unique video wall solution that can be customized for the area in which it will be displayed. Size is one variable that is important to consider when designing the right video wall for a given purpose and place. 

REDYREF video walls are available in several sizes to suit various needs, including our standard 3x2 and 2x2 display panel configurations, as well as custom sizes by request. 


Video Wall Software

The software that runs behind the scenes is what makes the biggest difference between a video wall system and a standard display. REDYREF video walls are available with some of the most unique software solutions in the industry pre-installed, with the ability to make updates to both the software and content remotely. 

Options include:

- Directories: Help visitors and guests find the location of various offices and other areas within buildings and campuses

- Wayfinding: Navigational support for those who require assistance in finding their way around both the immediate area, and the larger community

- Information: Display static or animated weather, company or world news, time/date, company events, and other relevant content 

- Advertising / Marketing Messaging

- ArtSpaces: Showcase beautiful, static images sourced from talented artists who are paid for the use of their work, and utilize them as a rotating, curated background for your personalized content

- Dynamic Spaces: Takes the beauty of ArtSpaces and animates it, creating engaging, live-motion scenery for your environment

Interactive Video Wall DisplayArtSpaces
Video Wall Display

Who Can benefit from video walls?

Any organization that has a lobby or other communal space can benefit from a video wall, whether to communicate news, events, and other useful information, or for marketing purposes. This includes:

- Corporate offices
- Schools and universities
- Commercial real estate
- Retailers
- Community centers
- Government agencies
- Healthcare organizations, including hospitals and private practices
- Religious institutions


Interactive video wall FAQ

Are video walls difficult to install?

Video walls are an investment, and REDYREF both recommends and offers professional wall mounting to ensure optimal operation. 

What custom options are there?

REDYREF offers a full range of video wall options for customization, including display size, resolution, and software. We recommend you to discuss your specific needs. 

What is the cost of video wall set-up?

Video walls require specialized set up and REDYREF both recommends and offers professional installation and maintenance for this reason. Please contact us for information about the various types of assistance we offer. 
Video Wall DisplayVideo Wall Display

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