Outdoor Kiosks


REDYREF outdoor kiosks are meticulously crafted and thoroughly tested to ensure they stand up to the elements, offering durability and weather resistance. Designed with readability in mind, our displays remain clear and easy to view, even in the brightest sunlight. Their powder-coated exteriors are built to retain their vibrant color through heavy rain and gusty winds. To bolster security and deter tampering, we've equipped our kiosks with additional weld points and compression locks, ensuring your outdoor installations are both resilient and secure.

Media tower Kiosk

The Media Tower showcases the best of REDYREF’s design philosophy. Able to be used as either an indoor or outdoor kiosk, it is built to withstand constant, day-to-day use, as well as stand up to natural environmental stressors like wind, rain and snow.

Designed to assist with digital directory functions such as city navigation or accessing shopping mall maps and layouts, the Media Tower is outfitted with a durable and inviting static or interactive display. Its exterior can be customized with a wide variety of colored powder coat options as well as additional components such as HD cameras.

The extra-large screen also provides an engaging vehicle to promote your brand or display paid advertisements.
media tower freestanding kiosk

Escape Kiosk

The Escape digital self-service kiosk is one of REDYREF's most popular indoor-outdoor kiosk models. It was first developed to streamline CASH-TO-CARD transactions, including instant digital gift cards and pre-paid debit cards.

The Escape is ideal for nearly any environment, and is able to withstand both very high and low temperatures, as well as strong winds, ice and rainstorms. It can also be manufactured and placed in mobile trailers, making it an excellent choice for temporary settings such as carnivals or music festivals.
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escape cash-to-card transactional payment kiosk

SKyline Kiosks

The REDYREF Skyline digital, interactive kiosk is available in two display sizes -- 43" and 22" as well as two configurations: wall mount and freestanding.

Each kiosk features a clear, easy-to-read portrait-orientation display and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. This makes it a popular choice for large hospital and business campuses, malls, nature conservatories & zoos, and transportation hubs such as train stations and airports.

Designed to be used for digital signage, ticketing, advertising, and interactive wayfinding applications, the Skyline provides broad functionality in one simple, attractive package.
Skyline 3.0 22" and 43" Wall Mount and Freestanding Kiosks

lynx kiosks

Meet the Lynx, our cutting-edge interactive kiosk designed to seamlessly blend live 2-way interaction with essential transactional capabilities, tailored especially for outdoor drive-up and drive-through scenarios. 

With the Lynx, users can effortlessly communicate, place orders, and complete payments without the need to exit their vehicle. It’s the future of drive-up convenience at your fingertips.
Lynx outdoor 2-way video transactional kiosks

EVO Kiosks

EVO is a freestanding kiosk available in both single- and dual-sided 55" and 65" display configurations for indoor or outdoor use. 

Designed to assist with directory, wayfinding and advertising functions, it is at home in a number of environments, from shopping malls and hospital campuses to educational centers and government complexes.

EVO can also be integrated with features that allow it to be used for digital ordering and payment. The exterior is customizable using any number of colored powder coat options as well as additional components such as cameras or receipt printers.
evo 55EVO Advertising, Wayfinding & Directory Kiosks

4x1 DIGITAL SIGNage Display

For applications where space is at a premium, but prominent signage is still required, the 4x1 digital sign is ideal.

Easily mountable in a wide array of configurations, this sign was designed to provide real-time information on it’s dual-sided display via internet connectivity.

Designed to assist those at bus, subway, train and other public transit stations, it is appropriate for use in quick service, fast casual, and full-service restaurants as well.
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digital sign.


A way station for travelers to help illuminate the darkness for safety, as well as provide shelter from the elements, the REDYREF digitally-enhanced interactive bus shelter kiosk is a convenient way to provide area information to the public.

With a modern design that is as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing, these shelters are designed to protect from inclement weather while providing a range of services from interactive wayfinding to self-service ticketing.

Beyond practical functions, these shelters also provide ample space for both digital and non-digital advertisements.
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KCATA Transit Kiosk by REDYREF

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