Client Success Stories

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) Digital Bus Shelters

REDYREF was selected to design, manufacture and deploy KCATA’s new digitally-enhanced “smart” bus shelters alongside partner Smart City Media.

“From the start, partnering with Smart City Media to create these interactive, “smart” bus shelters for KCATA was an incredible experience,” said Will Pymm, Managing Partner, REDYREF. “We couldn’t have been more pleased with the entire process, and are looking forward to seeing the project rolled out in its entirety.”


Wendy’s Hamburgers Self-Order Kiosk

REDYREF was chosen to design, manufacture and deploy self-service kiosks for Wendy’s Hamburger locations across the U.S.

The company was initially contracted to deliver interactive kiosks for the test locations Wendy’s launched last year. They were an immediate success, and the resulting high demand from both franchise owners and customers for the technology soon resulted in a wider rollout.


SIM Dispensing Kiosk for American Telecom Giant

SIM cards are one of the most crucial parts of a cell phone, as they store unique data for GSM cellular telephone subscribers and allow the phones to operate on cellular networks.

The vast majority of mobile phones require SIM cards in order to make calls, send texts, or connect to mobile internet services.


Campus wayfinding System for bowling green state university

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) requested a complete digital directory and wayfinding system for Ohio college campus, including hardware, software, and servicing.

The solution was built around a number of requirements, including the ability for users to find their way both inside and between buildings, as well as find specific people, rooms, amenities, and events. They also sought an integrated RSS feed for a pre-existing list of university events.


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