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Digital kiosk signage for information sharing, advertising, wayfinding and directory uses.


Digital Signage

Digital signage refers to the use of digital displays to deliver dynamic visual content and information across a wide variety of settings. It is a powerful form of communication that replaces traditional static signage with engaging and even interactive content. Digital signs allows businesses, organizations, and institutions to easily update and manage their content remotely, delivering targeted messages, promotions, announcements, and multimedia content to captivate and inform their audience.

Whether it's in retail stores, airports, corporate offices, or educational institutions, digital signage kiosks have become an essential tool for enhancing communication, brand awareness, and customer engagement in today's digital age.

digital signage kiosks, 3 different models


Digital Signage: Hardware

Kiosk enclosures and hardware play a crucial role in the success of digital signage deployments. These metal enclosures serve as the protective housing for the electronic displays, ensuring their functionality and longevity in various environments. The importance of kiosk enclosures lies in their ability to safeguard the valuable and sensitive equipment enclosed from physical damage, theft, vandalism, and for outdoor digital signage, harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, kiosk enclosures contribute to the overall user experience by providing secure and intuitive housing for other components. They are designed to accommodate peripherals such as touchscreens, card readers, cameras, and printers, enabling seamless and efficient user engagement. By investing in durable and well-designed kiosk enclosures, businesses can ensure the reliability, security, and effectiveness of their digital signage systems, enhancing brand image, customer satisfaction, and overall communication impact.

Matrix Digital Signage Kiosk

matrix recessed and surface-mounted digital kiosks
skyline transactional kiosks

Skyline Digital Signage Kiosk


Evo Digital Signage Kiosk

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Evo freestanding digital directory and information kiosk
redyref empire kiosks

Empire Digital Signage Kiosk

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Available Features

Digital Signage Kiosk Software

Digital signage software is a vital component of any successful digital signage system. It provides the tools and capabilities to create, manage, schedule, and distribute content across a network of digital displays. With this software, businesses can easily design visually appealing content, such as images, videos, text, and interactive elements, and customize it to suit their branding and messaging needs. It allows for remote content management, enabling updates and changes to be made in real-time, ensuring dynamic and relevant information is displayed to the target audience whether in environments as large as a shopping mall, or as compact as an elevator. 

Digital signage software also offers scheduling features, allowing content to be displayed at specific times and locations for maximum impact. Additionally, it can include analytics and reporting features, providing valuable insights into audience engagement, content performance, and overall system efficiency. The right software is what ultimately empowers businesses to deliver compelling, targeted messages and enhance their communication efforts effectively.

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Digital Signage Kiosk Applications

Digital signage has a wide range of applications across various industries and settings, including retail, transportation, education, food service and corporate environments.

Retail Digital Signage

In retail, digital signage can be used to promote products, showcase sales and promotions, and enhance the overall shopping experience via engaging interactive content.

retail shopping mall digital kiosk

Transportation Digital Signage

In transportation hubs, digital signage can provide real-time updates on arrivals and departures, display wayfinding information, and deliver targeted advertising.

REDYREF Smart City Digital Bus Shelter Kiosk

Education Digital Signage

Educational institutions can leverage digital signage to communicate announcements, share event schedules, and showcase student and athletic achievements.

digital signage for educational environments

Restaurant Digital Signage

Restaurants can engage and entice customers with dynamic digital signage featuring promotional information and new item introductions.

Wendy's QSR Kiosks by REDYREF

Corporate Digital Signage

In corporate and workplace environments, digital signage can be utilized for internal communications, displaying company news, updates, and employee recognition.

woman using touchscreen kiosk

Government Digital Signage 

Digital signage in government settings helps foster transparency, citizen engagement, and effective communication between the government and its constituents.

outdoor digital kiosk bus stop

Hotel & Hospitality Digital Signage

Digital signage enhances the guest experience, communicates information, streamlines operations, and helps create a memorable and efficient stay for hotel and hospitality patrons.

econcierge and visitor management kiosks software

Healthcare Digital Signage

Digital signage can serve important purposes in hospitals and healthcare settings, contributing to improved communication, patient experience, and operational efficiency.

digital wayfinding and directory kiosk for hospital

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About Digital Signage Kiosks

What types of content can be displayed on digital signage kiosks?
Digital signage kiosks can display a wide range of content, including videos, images, slideshows, interactive maps, product catalogs, event listings, social media feeds, and webpages. The content can be customized to suit specific needs and can be updated remotely.
Are digital signage kiosks secure?
Yes, digital signage kiosks can incorporate security measures to protect against unauthorized access and tampering. This can include features such as secure enclosures, password protection, remote monitoring, and software updates to ensure data security and system integrity.
Can digital signage kiosks be used outdoors? 
Yes, there are digital signage kiosks specifically designed for outdoor use. These kiosks are built to withstand various weather conditions and feature high-brightness screens for better visibility in sunlight. Outdoor digital signage kiosks can be used for wayfinding, advertising, and providing information in outdoor environments. The Evo kiosk is one of our most popular indoor/outdoor digital signage solutions
Can digital signage kiosks integrate with other systems or devices?
Yes, digital signage kiosks can integrate with various systems and devices, such as POS (point of sale) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software, inventory management systems, and mobile applications. This integration enables seamless data exchange and enhances overall functionality and efficiency.

Latest Updates

From Our Social

Here`s a behind the scenes look at some of our REDYREF 22" Skyline self-payment kiosks in production.

An indoor/outdoor model, the Skyline can be customized with components such as card readers and printers to handle transactions like ticketing (shown here), or for simpler wayfinding or information communication needs.

Request a quote at the link in bio.

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At REDYREF we`re always excited to inspire the next generation of future engineers.

Reach out and request a tour!

Link in bio.

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Our recently completed health education kiosk for the American Migraine Foundation, ready to move out the door!
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We assemble and test each kiosk at REDYREF facilities to ensure everything is working perfectly before it ships.

Whether using your software or ours, we load and test it here before delivering the kiosk to you.

Components are kitted and shipping is provided for multi-element deployments.

Request a quote at the link in bio.

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Take a behind the scenes look at the custom police station biometric booking kiosks we manufactured for iTouch Biometrics, complete with fully integrated digital fingerprinting.

Request a quote at the link in bio.

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Check out this custom police station biometric booking kiosk we manufactured for iTouch Biometrics, complete with fully integrated digital fingerprinting.

Whether it`s your software or ours, we load and test everything in-house, so that your kiosks are ready to go upon delivery.

Request a quote at the link in bio.

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Check out the new outdoor ticketing kiosks REDYREF recently shipped and installed at the @memphiszoo, during the assembly and integration stage.

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Remembering all of those lost 22 years ago today.

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