Airport Landing Fee 
Payment Kiosks

Self-Service Kiosks for Payment of Landing 
and Dock Fees


Airport Landing Fee Payment Kiosks

The aviation industry is witnessing a significant shift as self-service landing fee and dock payment kiosks gain increasing popularity, particularly in regional airport facilities. These cutting-edge airport kiosks not only offer a convenient way to enhance the customer experience but also deliver substantial benefits in terms of operational efficiency.



Airport Fee Payment Kiosks: Hardware

REDYREF's airport landing fee payment kiosk hardware offers a robust solution for airports seeking durable and secure self-serve kiosk payment options. Manufactured to withstand the demanding airport environment, these enclosures are engineered with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

Understanding that security is paramount, these enclosures are also built to provide peace of mind. Equipped with advanced security features, including tamper-proof locks and secure payment interfaces, they safeguard sensitive transaction data and protect against unauthorized access.

Beyond durability and security, they also feature a range of available features and integrations, including the option to allow watercraft operators to pay for dock fees as well, from the same kiosk. From touch-screen displays for intuitive user interactions to contactless payment options for enhanced convenience, these kiosks cater to diverse customer preferences.

Recommended Kiosk Hardware: 

Hoback Payment Kiosk

Compact design for empowered digital-first consumer interactions with a minimalistic footprint make our Hoback kiosks some of REDYREF’s most flexible solutions for payment requirements. 

With their compact footprints, the Hoback series was designed to offer the power and performance of much larger kiosks in a compact form factor.

airport landing fee payment kiosk
rio check in kiosk

Also Available: Rio

With its ultra-slim profile and 15" touchscreen display, the Rio kiosk was built to fit wherever it’s needed most, making it ideal for self-payment, check-in and queuing needs. The Rio is one of our most adaptable kiosk solutions, able to be integrated with any number of components, including RFID/NFC credit card readers, while requiring minimal floor space for use. 


Available Features

Airport Fee Payment Kiosk Software

REDYREF's airport landing fee payment kiosk software offers a comprehensive solution for airports seeking to streamline the payment process for landing fees. This innovative software simplifies the payment experience by providing a user-friendly interface that guides pilots through the transaction swiftly and efficiently, as well as offering easy storage and lookup of tail and vessel numbers for repeat visitors.

With this software, airports can customize and configure the software to meet their specific requirements. It seamlessly integrates with existing airport systems, allowing for real-time data synchronization and accurate payment tracking. Additionally, the software enhances efficiency by automating administrative tasks, therefore reducing manual processing and paperwork, while ensuring accurate calculations, minimizing errors, and providing detailed reporting for improved financial transparency.

REDYREF's airport fee kiosk software is a reliable and economical choice for airports looking to improve their operations while providing a seamless, efficient self-service solution for both aircraft and watercraft operators

Airport Landing Fee Payment Kiosks by REDYREF

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About Airport Landing Fee Kiosks

This depends entirely on the airport operator. Our software can enable processing fees to be added to the aircraft landing fee if required. 
Our kiosks can be configured to accept any kind of payment; however, most prefer to keep the process as simple as possible by accepting only digital payments, such as those made via credit card or Apple Pay (NFC/RFIC). 
Yes. Our kiosks are ultra-secure and protect payment transaction information.
Yes, if multiple landing fees must be paid at the same time, our software can be configured to accommodate those needs.
These kiosks are built to be available 24/7, as long as they are able to be accessed within the airport or docking facility itself.

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REDYREF recently rolled out a custom payment kiosk for Mister Mister, a large and rapidly growing national chain of car washes. Check them out at our manufacturing facility, being readied for shipment!
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REDYREF designs, fabricates, manufactures, deploys and services touch screen and non-touch digital directories for a wide range of applications.

Our self-service kiosk solutions are ideal for multiple deployment environments, including corporate, educational, healthcare and government, and include customized software integrations as required.

Learn more at the link in bio.

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Meet the REDYREF Media Tower!

The Media Tower showcases the best of REDYREF’s design philosophy. Able to be used as either an indoor or outdoor kiosk, it is built to withstand constant, day-to-day use, as well as stand up to natural environmental stressors like wind, rain, and snow.

Designed to assist with directory functions such as city navigation or shopping mall layouts, the Media Tower is outfitted with a durable and inviting static or interactive display. Its exterior can be customized with a wide variety of colored powder coat options as well as additional components such as HD cameras.

The extra-large screen also provides an engaging vehicle to promote your brand or display paid advertisements.

Learn more about the Media Tower -- download the spec sheet on our website!

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Self-ticketing kiosks can increase sales and revenue while improving guest satisfaction. They help manage foot traffic, and reduce labor costs while enhancing user experience.

- Versatile: Can be used in both indoor and outdoor venues

- Convenient: Gives consumers 24/7 access to a product or service

- Fast: No waiting at will-call to pick up tickets or waiting for an available agent to be free to process an order

- Cost-effective: Reduce staffing needs and other similar expenses/overhead

- Increased revenue: Greater opportunities for hands-off upselling/cross-selling of products and services via incremental sales

Request a quote at the link in bio or call us at 800-628-3603.

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There are many reasons why government and public agencies are moving to digital kiosks in many environments, and making that move depends a lot on the target audience with which they are trying to work. But the underlying rationale revolves around one key factor, and that’s the desire to clearly and easily communicate information of all types -- including information that is frequently changing, or may even play a part in keeping people safe from harm.

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The annual REDYREF holiday luncheon was a huge success! 🎉 We are so grateful for our amazing team, and hope everyone had a blast getting together and welcoming LiveWire Digital into the fold.

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Whether you need a completely custom kiosk solution or smaller changes to a modular kiosk system, your needs come first when it comes to designing and engineering.

Functionality, architecture and design are a part of our services for your digital kiosk project.

Our full-service manufacturing facilities enable rapid prototyping, allowing customers to visit our facilities and examine their kiosks before proceeding to production.

Request a quote at the link in bio or call us at 800-628-3603.

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Meet the REDYREF Razor 2.0 Kiosk!

The Razor is a freestanding kiosk that offers a modern, flexible design ideal for indoor digital signage, directory assistance, and interactive wayfinding applications.

Available in a wide range of powder coat colors, the exterior provides ample space for additional branding and advertisements.

Components and integrations include receipt printers and NFC/EMV payment options, making it a truly multi-purpose kiosk solution appropriate for a variety of environments from retail to food service and beyond.

Learn more about the REDYREF Razor 2.0 -- download the spec sheet!

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