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Digital Wayfinding Kiosks

Digital wayfinding kiosks can improve visitor, guest and customer experience by allowing them to find information and directions without having to track down an employee for assistance. Wayfinding kiosks can include many helpful integrations, such as turn-by-turn directions, interactive maps and kiosk-to-phone mobile hand-off/SMS directional assistance.
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Wayfinding kiosk Features 

Wayfinding kiosks can be customized with a variety of features that make it easier for guests, visitors, and customers to navigate an unfamiliar area, including:

- Detailed indoor wayfinding directions with animated paths and turn-by-turn instructions

- Kiosk hardware integrates seamlessly with a range of REDYREF's directory and wayfinding software

- Optional SMS (mobile text) integration for kiosk-to-phone hand-off of directions and maps

- Outdoor wayfinding with Google Maps integration including traffic conditions and directions to buildings and amenities on and off campus


Wayfinding Kiosk Benefits

Wayfinding kiosks empower guests, visitors and customers by giving them a way to easily access the information they need when in an unfamiliar environment without assistance. Self-service wayfinding kiosks:

- Decrease visitor stress by helping them get where they need to go, reducing the chances they will get lost or be late.

- Lead to better user experiences increasing their overall satisfaction with their visit

- Increase the chances that a guest will return by providing a more comfortable and convenient experience

-  Interactive wayfinding kiosks can also reduce the cost of labor associated with customer service employees. 

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Freestanding Wayfinding Directory Kiosk by REDYREFinformation kiosk benefits.

Popular wayfinding Directory Uses

Wayfinding directories have become increasingly in demand due to their positive impact on guest and visitor experience across multiple environments, their ability to help reduce various costs, and their overall flexibility. Some common uses for wayfinding directories include:

- Building directories with individual departments, employees or organizations 

- Turn-by-turn maps of important locations within a building or larger business / educational campus. 

- Display of event locations and schedules

- Communication of business or local area information, including emergency announcements
- Display of weather, news or social media

- Advertising


How we can manufacture a wayfinding kiosk for your business

From design and engineering to fabrication, assembly, and installation, REDYREF offers turn-key kiosk solutions to suit almost any organizational need. Our "all-under-one-roof" is unique in the kiosk industry, which allows us to control every aspect of kiosk production. This ensures high quality, excellent customer service, and attention to detail that is nearly impossible to replicate with other kiosk manufacturers, whether overseas or within the United States. 

In fact, we regularly invite our customers to visit our kiosk manufacturing facility. Often, they are able to watch their order being fabricated and assembled, right before their eyes. 

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Industries We Support

Any organization that has a large space to navigate, whether within a single building or on a campus, can benefit from wayfinding and directory kiosks. This includes:

- Corporate organizations
- Professional services
- Travel and Tourism
- Schools and universities (education)
- Museums
- Retail and shopping malls
- Community centers
- Government agencies
- Healthcare organizations, including hospitals and private practices
- Religious institutions


Wayfinding Kiosk FAQ

Are Wayfinding kiosks difficult to install?

Wayfinding kiosks are an investment, and REDYREF both recommends and offers professional installation to ensure optimal operation. 

What custom options are there?

REDYREF offers a full range of wayfinding kiosks that can be customized, from display size and resolution to the kiosk's software. We recommend you contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

What is the cost of a wayfinding kiosk? 

Wayfinding kiosks range widely in cost depending on their size and functionality. Please contact us for more information about the cost of the many types of wayfinding kiosks we manufacture. 
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