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Self-Service Interactive Wayfinding Kiosk Hardware & Software Solutions


Self-Service Digital Wayfinding Kiosks

Digital wayfinding kiosks offer a self-service option for visitors and guests that enhance their experience by allowing them to get where they need to go with less stress, and without having to track down an employee for assistance.
Self-service interactive wayfinding kiosks can include many helpful wayfinding software integrations, such as turn-by-turn directions, lighted paths, interactive maps and kiosk machine-to-phone mobile hand-off/SMS directional assistance.


Digital Wayfinding Kiosk Hardware

Whether designed to be interactive or static, touch or non-touch, REDYREF's self-service digital wayfinding kiosks are available in a range of sizes, colors, and footprints and form factors that make them an asset in nearly any environment. 

Matrix 2.0 Recessed & Surface-Mount Kiosks

The Matrix is our most popular design for digital wayfinding applications.

It is available in surface or recessed options and features a clean, elegant enclosure in a modern stainless steel finish, making it an excellent choice for lobbies and other similar environments. Matrix was engineered to enclose a range of display sizes in a landscape or portrait orientation, and can be installed as recessed or surface-mounted. 

matrix recessed and surface-mounted digital kiosks
Upstanding Kiosk USA

Evo Freestanding Kiosks

EVO is a freestanding kiosk available in both single- and dual-sided 65" display configurations.  It is also one of our interactive self-service solutions engineered for both indoor and outdoor digital wayfinding use, making it a great option for outdoor shopping malls or large college or business campuses. 


Empire 3.0 Freestanding Kiosks

With its sleek, eye-catching design, the Empire 3.0 is an easy-to-use kiosk with a large display engineered to provide an intuitive end-user experience for interactive self-service digital wayfinding.

Ideal for large lobbies, hotels, convention centers, and college campuses, and can be configured in landscape or portrait orientations. Empire 3.0 can also provide further brand reach via exterior customization and custom powder coating.


Available Features

Interactive Wayfinding Software

Digital kiosks can be customized with a variety of self-service digital wayfinding software features that make it easier for guests, visitors, and customers to navigate unfamiliar areas, while also helping to modernize and beautify common areas.

Wayfinding & Directory Information Search Software

Allow visitors and guests to locate people, offices and meeting rooms and find their way there with less stress.

digital building directory search capability screen shot

Digital Art & 
Dynamic Spaces

Motion scenery, public art & custom-designed options can be shown when interactive wayfinding kiosks aren't in use.

Mobile Handover for
Maps & Directions

Interactive digital wayfinding maps can be sent directly to users' mobile devices for on-the-go use.

Building & Campus
Mapping Software

Custom floor, building & campus wayfinding maps are available, as well as those for the local area.

retail digital directory software: shopping mall layout

Digital Auxiliary
Wayfinding Signs

Extend digital wayfinding information to areas such as building entrances and parking garages.

Software for Digital Wayfinding Applications and Integrations

Weather, ads, stock tickers, social media and global news apps may all be added to wayfinding kiosks.

app integration for kiosk software screenshot

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Industries That Use Kiosks

Digital Wayfinding Kiosk Applications

Nearly any business with a brick-and-mortar location can benefit from the addition of interactive self-service wayfinding kiosk solutions, making them broadly useful across industries. 

Wayfinding for Business Offices

Office building & corporate campus digital wayfinding kiosk solutions.

Hospital & Healthcare Wayfinding

Healthcare, medical clinics & interactive hospital wayfinding software.

Educational Wayfinding

Colleges, universities, high schools & grade schools can all benefit from interactive digital wayfinding kiosks and software.

digital kiosk software for wayfinding

Wayfinding for Hotels & Hospitality

Digital wayfinding kiosks for hotels, smart city applications & conference centers.

Malls & Retail Store Wayfinding

Stores, shopping malls & lifestyle center interactive wayfinding kiosk solutions.

retail shopping mall digital kiosk

Wayfinding for Transportation

Digital wayfinding kiosks and interactive software for airports, train stations & bus stations.

outdoor digital kiosk bus stop

Government Wayfinding Kiosks

Wayfinding software and kiosks for federal, state, county & city services, as well as local attractions.

Sports & Entertainment Wayfinding

Visitors to concert venues, sports arenas & amusement parks can all benefit from interactive digital wayfinding. 

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About Interactive Digital Wayfinding Kiosks

How easy is it to update a digital wayfinding kiosk?
Just login into your web based wayfinding software portal and click on the information you want to change, type it in and press "submit."
Is training provided?
Yes, training will be provided, as well as and support documentation. We also have a customer service line to answer any questions.
Can I add weekly events and announcements to my wayfinding kiosk?
Yes, this is part of the standard wayfinding software platform. You can log into the web based portal and add these events/announcements as needed. They can also be scheduled.
Can visitors take the wayfinding information with them on their mobile phone?
Yes, using QR code scanning software technology, both wayfinding maps and directory information can be moved to the visitors mobile phone by scanning and taken wherever you go. You can even scan a code and contact someone within the building on your mobile phone just by scanning a QR code on the digital directory.
Are interactive wayfinding kiosks easy to maintain?
For hardware maintenance, we provide easy cleaning instructions.

For software maintenance, each system comes with annual support.
Do wayfinding kiosks work well wirelessly?
We suggest using hardwired Cat5 or Cat6 connectivity to the digital directory as it facilitates a more reliable connection, however, wireless internet connection is acceptable. We can also provide LTE/Cellular connectivity if either hardwired or wifi is not available.
If I install my wayfinding kiosk outdoors, do I need a special enclosure?
There is a huge difference between indoor and outdoor digital wayfinding kiosks. For example, the displays tend to be anywhere from double to five times brighter to enable sunlight readability. Wayfinding kiosks intended for outdoor use require temperature control systems to enable them to operate in all types of weather and include water protection to avoid hardware damage. If your kiosk application is outdoors we will assist you in finding the appropriate solution.

Latest Updates

From Our Social

If you asked our team members about their favorite project, it would likely be difficult to choose one. However, almost all would agree that this one, for the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) would be in the running.

Who says bus shelters can`t be beautiful?

Link in bio.

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REDYREF is excited to announce our recent collaboration with the Westchase District in Houston, TX! We created a custom kiosk program featuring our Evo interactive information kiosks. These indoor/outdoor kiosks have been specifically designed to withstand the Texas heat and sun, with canopies to provide added protection. Our team worked closely with the Westchase District to ensure that these kiosks met their unique needs and requirements. We`re thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the Westchase District and look forward to helping similar neighborhoods and cities in the future!

Contact REDYREF today to learn more about our customizable kiosk solutions (link in bio).

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Ever heard of a virtual mannequin? Touch-on-glass and interactive touch foils? Or virtual kiosks? While even a few years ago, these would have been considered futuristic technologies, all of these examples (and a host of others that are similarly impressive) currently exist in retail environments.

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#kiosks #selfservice #technology #digitalkiosks #tech #innovation #selfserve #retailexperience #userexperience #customerexperience #retailenvironment #omnichanel #endlessaisle #virtualmannequins #touchonglass

The Endless Aisle...Omnichannel...Virtual Merchandising...Unified Commerce...10 years ago, these were not common retail terms. Truly, even five years ago you’d have been hard-pressed to find these terms used very often. But today, have made some pretty serious headway into the retail industry and while they aren’t something most consumers would recognize, they have at this point become part of the retail vernacular.

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#kiosks #selfservice #technology #digitalkiosks #tech #innovation #selfserve #retail #retailexperience #omnichannel #endlessaisle #unifiedcommerce #interactive #userexperience #UX

REDYREF is proud to have partnered with Apollo V2 to create a customized Empire 3.0 kiosk, showcasing their complete, fully-adaptive digital sports data management system at a recent trade show. Our team worked closely with Apollo V2 to design and manufacture a kiosk that not only looked great but also functioned seamlessly with their software. We`re thrilled to have played a part in helping them bring their innovative technology to life and look forward to future collaborations.

Learn more about REDYREF can bring your ideas to life on our website (link in bio)!

#REDYREF #ApolloV2 #digitaltechnology #customkiosks #innovation #tradeshow #digitalkiosks #technology #sportstechnology #tech #kiosks #interactivekiosks #kiosk

Most people know that REDYREF is a digital solutions company with years of experience building self-service technology. But what most *don`t* know is that we`ve been around since 1913. Yes, you read that right!

Having been around this long, you could say that we know a thing or two about producing quality products alongside industry-leading customer service. That`s why these companies, and many more, trust REDYREF to build and deploy their self-service solutions.

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#kiosks #technology #innovation #selfservice #touchscreen #kiosk #touschscreenkiosk #selfservicekiosk #quality #service #customerservice #trust #value #history

Here`s a behind the scenes look at production of the Kansas City Area Transit Authority bus shelter transit kiosks.

With a modern design that is as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing, these shelters are designed to protect from inclement weather while providing a range of services from interactive wayfinding to self-service ticketing.

Beyond practical functions, these shelters also provide ample space for both digital and non-digital advertisements.

To talk to a consultant or request a quote, visit the link in bio.

#kiosk #manufacturing #engineering #kiosks #technology #redyref #business #production #transit #shelter #bus #wayfinding #advertising

EMV stands for “Europay, MasterCard and Visa” -- the three companies that originally developed the technical standards for smart card processing. EMV was developed as a safer alternative to traditional magnetic stripe (magstripe) cards. Why is EMV safer? Find out on our blog!

Link in bio.

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