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Engage Kiosk Management Software

REDYREF's Engage IoT kiosk management platform brings together kiosk & digital signage software, websites, and mobile apps under a single, easy-to-use umbrella. This empowers you with real-time control over various digital touch points for customer relationship management (CRM), social media interactions, and cloud-connected devices and services. With our user-friendly system, you can effortlessly oversee self-service kiosks, digital signs, and smart IoT devices, all from a centralized source.

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Engage IoT Kiosk Management Platform

Discover our extensive suite of customer engagement software products, designed to bridge the gap between you and your customers. Our software offers a wide array of features, ranging from operating system security and lockdown to remote monitoring and reporting. It grants you significant flexibility in deploying content across all your devices.

Engage IoT Server

At the core of the Engage Platform lies the Engage IoT Server, serving as the central hub for remote configuration, monitoring, and control of kiosks and other distant devices. This pivotal component also drives data-driven business results.

Within the Engage Portal, a selection of single-sign-on (SSO) applications enables the management of a diverse array of supplementary functions. These functions encompass tasks such as overseeing digital signage playlists and handling customer-specific elements.

engage IoT server UIengage IoT server UI
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Engage for Windows Clients

Engage for Windows is a versatile software suite ensuring connectivity, security, and extensibility for Windows-based devices, seamlessly integrating hardware components, the Engage IoT Server, and external systems.

Key components include:

  • Secure Lockdown: Protects devices, restricting user access to desktop and unauthorized sites, while enhancing user experience with features like session timeouts and on-screen keyboards.

  • Application Manager: Maintains a secure connection to the Engage IoT Server for instant remote device commands.

  • Device Manager: Bridges hardware components, reporting status to the IoT Server, and integrating with external services like databases and payment gateways.

  • Redundancy Engine: Offers device-level reliability through configurable redundant hardware pairs.

  • Security Manager: Monitors device security and health via sensors, providing timely alerts.

  • Service Manager: Ensures operational continuity of Engage services with remote updates.

  • File Upload Manager: Easily captures, associates, and uploads files like photos and signatures to the Engage IoT Server for storage and reporting.



Engage IoT Server

  1. Seamless Authentication: The Engage Platform employs a single-sign-on architecture, ensuring secure and seamless navigation through function-specific applets.

  2. Easy Integration: Extensibility lies at the core of the Engage Platform, allowing partners and third parties to seamlessly integrate custom functionalities into the Engage Portal.

  3. Effortless Device Setup: Device configuration streamlines the management process, enabling swift registration and licensing of remote clients. It centralizes control over hardware components and external system interfaces like ticketing APIs and payment gateways.

  4. Comprehensive Device Oversight: The Device dashboard offers an overview of device statuses, facilitating detailed checks on hardware component health and the initiation of remote commands such as reboots.

  5. Streamlined Application Management: Engage Server centrally manages client-side applications, featuring integrated revision control across configuration and deployment.

  6. Effective Alert Handling: Configure and manage alerts effortlessly across all devices or specific ones. Pre-defined component alerts simplify email and text message notifications for desired events.

  7. User and Role Control: Utilize Engage's Role Management subsystem to define users and efficiently manage access to specific functions.

  8. Transaction Monitoring: Easily track and report various transactions, including product sales, payments, coupon distribution, and voucher redemption.

  9. Simplified Content Management: Upload digital signage media and product information to Engage IoT Server for distribution to remote devices.

  10. Tailored Dashboards: Leverage extensibility and single-sign-on features for swift creation and deployment of customized dashboards, aligning data management with your preferences.

  11. Precise Business/Location Management: Define businesses and locations for detailed device and content management, as well as usage, alert, and transaction reporting.

  12. Efficient Product Handling: Manage products and catalogs with ease within Engage IoT Server. Custom attributes and deliverable items facilitate sales of tickets, gift cards, and virtual inventory products.

  13. Insightful Reporting: Access detailed insights into user sessions, device status, transactions, and more for constant operational efficiency monitoring.

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engage IoT server UI

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About Kiosk Management Software

Kiosk management software offers many benefits, including streamlined content updates, improved security through remote lockdown, reduced downtime with real-time monitoring, enhanced user experience, simplified troubleshooting, and effective data analytics for performance optimization.
Look for features such as remote content deployment, device health monitoring, security management (like lockdown and access control), alert notifications, user analytics, role-based access control, integration with external systems, and scalability to manage a growing number of kiosks.
Yes, our Engage IoT kiosk management software solution is designed to work with various types of kiosks, including touchscreen kiosks, digital signage displays, interactive displays, self-service terminals, and more. Make sure the software you choose supports the specific kiosk types you have.
Yes, remote content management is a central feature of our kiosk management software. It allows you to update and deploy multimedia content, videos, images, applications, and information remotely to multiple kiosks, saving time and effort compared to manual on-site updates.
Yes, REDYREF's kiosk management software solutions provide analytics tools to track user interactions, gather data on user behavior, session durations, popular content, and more. This data can help you optimize user experiences and content strategies.

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Take a behind the scenes look at the custom police station biometric booking kiosks we manufactured for iTouch Biometrics, complete with fully integrated digital fingerprinting.

Request a quote at the link in bio.

#kiosk #kiosks #police #fingerprinting #biometrics #automation #manufacturing #custom #design #engineering

Check out this custom police station biometric booking kiosk we manufactured for iTouch Biometrics, complete with fully integrated digital fingerprinting.

Whether it`s your software or ours, we load and test everything in-house, so that your kiosks are ready to go upon delivery.

Request a quote at the link in bio.

#kiosk #kiosks #police #fingerprinting #biometrics #automation #manufacturing #custom #design #engineering

Check out the new outdoor ticketing kiosks REDYREF recently shipped and installed at the @memphiszoo, during the assembly and integration stage.

#kiosks #digitalkiosks #digitalkiosk #kiosk #ticketingkiosk #kioskticketing #interactivekiosk #touchscreenkiosk #outdoorkiosk #electronickiosk

Remembering all of those lost 22 years ago today.

#neverforget #neverforget911 #911 #dayofserviceandrememberance #firstresponders #patriotday

Designed to be used for digital signage, advertising, and wayfinding, the Skyline provides broad functionality in one simple, attractive package.

Each kiosk features a clear, easy-to-read portrait-orientation display and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. This makes it a popular choice for large hospital and business campuses, malls, and transportation hubs such as train stations and airports.

Request a quote at the link in bio.

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Taking into consideration each customer`s unique needs, our industrial designers create, plan, and style each custom kiosk with a number of factors in mind, including usability, ergonomics, and aesthetics. They also consider current market trends and the outlook of particular industries whenever it makes sense to do so.

Our design team then combines all of the above into initial sketches of kiosk design ideas for presentation to the client, who then selects the concept that most represents what they hope to achieve.

Link in bio.

#custom #kiosks #redyref #branded #branding #onsite #customization #assembly #design #kiosk #business #display


The Prodigy and Prodigy-C were engineered to enclose tablet computers rather than traditional displays in order to offer the power of a much larger kiosk in a more compact form factor.

Available as floor-mounted or counter-mount kiosks, the Prodigy is well suited for consumer-facing interactions such as self-order, self-pay and visitor self-check-in. Featuring a standard, manually-pivoting tablet with a height adjustment option or accessibility and ADA compliance, Prodigy also offers additional integrations such as keypads and EMV/NFC payment systems.

Recommended applications include quick service restaurants (QSRs), corporate commissaries, and other commercial food service centers.

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#digitalkiosks #selfservice #interactivekiosks #touchscreens #technology #kiosks #selfservicekiosks #selfserve #innovation #directories #digitaldirectories #QSR #quickservice #restaurants #orderingkiosk #selfpay #selforder #paymentkiosks #foodservice

Vending and dispensing kiosks have gained an incredible amount of popularity over the past several years. Users love their convenience and user-friendly design, and businesses benefit by allowing customers to make purchases any time of day, or even night, whether they need SIM cards and tickets or beauty items and small electronic devices.

And the appeal of vending kiosks goes beyond their functionality. They can be engineered and manufactured with an impressive array of features that make them even more useful to a wide range of potential audiences. So, let`s take a closer look at what makes kiosk vending a great choice for so many companies and environments. We`ll explore their remarkable benefits, the diverse product options available, and why REDYREF truly excels as a top-notch vending kiosk manufacturer (link in bio).

#kiosks #selfservicekiosks #selfservice #technology #tech #innovation #efficiency #CX #customerexperience #digitalkiosks #digitalsignage #signage #vendingkiosks #kioskvending #RFID #interactivekiosks

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