Custom Kiosks


Each client who approaches us has a digital kiosk manufacturing project requirement or idea that they need to implement and deploy successfully.

We evaluate the project requirements and use our employees’ expertise to recommend kiosk designs and components that will meet the functional and aesthetic needs of the customer.
AT&T Concept Kiosks

Industrial KIOSK Design

Taking into consideration each customer's unique needs, our industrial designers create, plan and style each custom kiosk with a number of factors in mind, including usability, ergonomics and aesthetics. They also consider current market trends and the outlook of particular industries whenever it makes sense to do so.

Our design team then combines all of the above into initial sketches of kiosk design ideas for presentation to the client, who then selects the concept that most represents what they hope to achieve.

KIOSK Engineering

This is the point in the process when the details of the kiosk solution are integrated into technical renderings by RedyRef’s in-house engineering team. The components, kiosk design and budget all factor in to how the kiosk will be engineered and fabricated. 

Our team also puts the kiosk concept through a “value engineering” process at this time; this results in finding ways to decrease cost, without taking away from the value of the finished kiosk product.

Clear and open communication between REDYREF and our client is paramount at this stage. All details are supplied in CAD drawings (submittal drawings) showing the exact layout of components, dimensions of every detail, how parts are accessible, etc, before the customer puts their “stamp of approval” on this submittal drawing and we move forward to prototyping.
Industrial Kiosk Engineering

Custom KIOSK Manufacturing

Once the customer provides approval of all the engineering details, we can move forward with in-house kiosk prototype fabrication. The importance of being able to carry out every process under one roof cannot be overstated, as it means we have complete control to keep a project within our clients’ budgets and timelines. In fact, we even have customers come by and watch the metal being bent and welded together at times!

The electronic components that were approved in the engineering phase are purchased and brought to our facilities, then assembled into the kiosk enclosure as they come off the production line. 

During the prototyping stage, we sometimes have pieces that don’t fit perfectly, illustrating the REDYREF advantage yet again. Because we fabricate in-house, we are able to make most engineering “tweaks” immediately and re-fabricate parts quickly, resulting in full runs of end products that meet the client’s requirements and expectations, allowing them to go to market quickly.
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Production runs can be anywhere from ten units to 10,000+. We work closely with our customers to ensure that we can meet their requirements by offering a number of assembly and integration options. At REDYREF, we understand the large number of working parts and complicated logistics that can come into play with sourcing all of the materials necessary to complete a kiosk solution. We have dedicated project managers, purchasing managers and production managers all working together to manage this process successfully.

Some of the assembly and integration services available include mechanical and electromechanical assembly, active electronics and software installation, and complete build-to-order assembly. 

Once products have gone through the full kiosk manufacturing process, we package them securely in our shipping department and use our deployment schedule to ship cost effectively to customer locations. And we don’t stop there. In fact, we have a national installer base to make sure each kiosk is set up properly and that the software application runs and is configured correctly. Installers and technicians don’t leave the worksite until we receive confirmation from the customer that everything is satisfactory. Additionally, we offer ongoing service and maintenance contracts to all of our clients.


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