Indoor Kiosks


REDYREF’s indoor kiosk models are designed with security and usability front of mind. All indoor kiosks are manufactured with extra secure weld points to prevent unwarranted tampering with sensitive components such as NFC or RFID payment systems. Each model is finished with a durable powder coat that can be customized for brand awareness to ensure the kiosk will last for many years to come.


Available in a wide range of powder coat finishes, the Bazooka 2.0 is an attractive and versatile option for many self-service needs.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the Bazooka 2.0 is durable enough to withstand constant use as well as wear-and-tear from the elements with ease. The Bazooka 2.0 offers solutions for retail, self-pay, and self-service ticketing and related components including bill/coin collectors, ticket printers and a retail barcode scanners.

The design also provides ample surface area for both digital and non-digital branding.
REDYREF Bazooka 2.0 Self-Pay and Ticketing Kiosk

C-Series KIOSK

For those seeking a small-space solution, the C-series is an attractive option with a sleek, compact design intended for countertop installation.

Primary applications for the C-series include digital/virtual receptionist, interactive wayfinding, self-payment, self-order and QSR/commissary. Its modular design may be customized with a host of optional components such as signature pads, EMV and NFC payment options, and receipt printers.
enGAGE C Counter Mount Digital Kiosk


Purpose-built to withstand fast-paced, high-traffic quick service restaurant (QSR) environments, the Presto is a self-order/self-payment solution offering an easy and intuitive end-user experience for customers.

The powder-coated steel design encloses a large, interactive display and features ample space for additional branding.

This model can be floor or wall-mounted so that it may be utilized even in irregular or smaller spaces. Optional components include EMV and NFC payment systems, receipt printers, physical keyboards, and signature pads.
REDYREF QSR Self-Order Kiosk


Sleek and elegant, the RedyTouch provides users with an easy-to-read display in a modern, stylish enclosure.

Available in a wide variety of custom powder coat colors, the RedyTouch is ideal for visitor check-in, retail sales assistance, and self-ticketing applications. The RedyTouch can also be configured with additional components including retail barcode scanners, bill collectors, external keyboards and both receipt and ticket printers.

Ample exterior surface area provides room for branding and additional advertisements.
Redytouch Freestanding Digital Kiosk


The RedyRef Skyline2.0 features a large, easy-to-read display that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, making it a popular choice for large hospital and business campuses, malls, and transportation hubs such as train stations and airports.

Designed to be used for digital signage, advertising, and wayfinding, the Skyline 2.0 provides broad functionality in one simple, attractive package.
Skyline 2.0 Freestanding Digital Kiosk

T-FLEX + T-Flex Counter KIOSK

T-Flex and T-Flex-C provide many of the core functions of a larger kiosk in a compact form factor.

Available in both freestanding and counter-mount designs, the T-Flex provides a quick and easy self-pay or self-order option for quick service restaurant (QSR), cafeteria, micro-market, and other food service applications.

Available components include EMV and NFC secure payment features, keypads, receipt printers and signature pads.
  View T-Flex Datasheet 
VIEW T-Flex C Datasheet

L-Series KIOSK

An indoor kiosk featuring a low, angled display for easy access, the L-series is an excellent kiosk for wayfinding, self-pay, ticketing, and advertising applications.

The powder coated steel enclosure is available in a wide variety of custom colors, and be integrated with an optional second overhead display to assist in busier locations. The L-Series is popular in hotels and conference centers, on college campuses and in food service environments thanks to its modular design.

Optional components include bill/coin collectors, dispensers, receipt printers, and keyboards.
enGAGE L-Series Freestanding Digital Kiosk

T-Series KIOSK

Featuring the power and performance of a kiosk twice its size, the T-Series was designed to be integrated with a tablet computer in order to offer a compact alternative to larger systems.

Popular applications include hotel self-check-in, virtual receptionist and quick service restaurant (QSR) self-order/self-pay. As with many other REDYREF kiosks, the T-Series offers options components including EMV and NFC secure payment systems, signature pads and receipt printers.

Available in custom powder coat colors for those who wish to take advantage of exterior branding opportunities.
enGAGE T-Series Freestanding Digital Kiosk

H-Series KIOSK

The H-series was engineered to enclose a generous display in a slim and space-saving design.

An excellent choice for transportation hubs, commercial lobbies and multi-building campuses, the H-Series is flexible enough to be utilized to showcase digital advertising, assist with interactive wayfinding and provide directory functionality.

This kiosk can also be integrated with components for retail and financial deployments, and is available in a wide variety of powder coat colors.

enGAGE H-Series Digital Freestanding Kiosk


The Prodigy and Prodigy-C were engineered to enclose tablet computers rather than traditional displays in order to offer the power of a much larger kiosk in a more compact form factor.

Available as floor-mounted or counter-mount kiosks, the Prodigy is well suited for consumer-facing interactions such as self-order, self-pay and visitor self-check-in. Featuring a standard, manually-pivoting tablet with a height adjustment option or accessibility and ADA compliance, Prodigy also offers additional integrations such as keypads and EMV/NFC payment systems.

Recommended applications include quick service restaurants (QSRs), corporate commissaries, and other commercial food service centers.
  View Prodigy Datasheet 


With its sleek, eye-catching design, the Empire 3.0 is an easy-to-use digital kiosk with a large display engineered to provide an intuitive end user experience.

Ideal for large company lobbies, hotels, convention centers, and college campuses, this freestanding kiosk is ideal for digital signage, directory assistance and interactive wayfinding applications.

Available with a static or touchscreen display in portrait or landscape orientations, the Empire 3.0 can also provide further brand reach via exterior customization when optional custom powder coat colors or vinyl wraps are selected.
Empire 3.0 Digital Kiosk


As the name suggests, the RedyRef Paystation was purpose-built for consumer self-payment services.

Designed as a freestanding kiosk, it can be integrated with both ticketing and dispensing components, including those required for automated vending of small items. The Paystation kiosk is ideal for a wide range of environments, including retail, transportation hubs, and entertainment centers such as arenas and stadiums.

As with many Redyref kiosks, the Paystation is available in a variety of custom powder colors, with ample exterior surface area for additional branding and advertisements.
Paystation Digital Self-Pay Self-Order Kiosk


The Razor 2.0 freestanding kiosk offers a modern, flexible design ideal for indoor digital signage, directory assistance, and interactive wayfinding applications.

Available in a wide range of powder coat colors, the exterior provides ample space for additional branding and advertisements.

Additional components including receipt printers and NFC/EMV payment integrations make it a truly multi-purpose kiosk solution appropriate for a variety of environments from retail to food service and beyond.
REDYREF Razor 2.0 Freestanding Digital Kiosk


The Media Tower showcases the best of REDYREF’s design philosophy. Able to be used as either an indoor or outdoor kiosk, it is built to withstand constant, day to day use, as well as standing up to natural environmental stressors as well.

Designed to assist with directory functions such as city navigation or shopping mall layouts, the Media Tower is outfitted with a durable and inviting static or interactive display. It’s exterior can be customized with a wide variety of colored powder coat options as well as additional components such as HD cameras.

The extra-large screen also provides an engaging vehicle to promote your brand or display paid advertisements.
Media Tower Indoor Outdoor Freestanding Digital Kiosk

Matrix Surface-mount + Matrix Recessed

At home in many environments, and our most popular design for indoor digital signage, electronic directory, and interactive wayfinding applications. 

The REDYREF Matrix is available in Surface or Recessed options and features a clean, elegant enclosure in a modern stainless steel finish. It is an excellent choice for lobbies and other similar environments. Matrix was engineered to enclose a range of display sizes in a landscape or portrait orientation, and can be configured as a static (non-touch) or touchscreen kiosk. 
Matrix Portrait Recessed Digital KioskMatrix Landscape Surface Mount Digital Kiosk

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