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Digital kiosks make it easy for guests to check-in, find information about the surrounding area, or locate conference rooms and other locations within the hotel property.

Our fully-optimized multi-media kiosk systems can be used to welcome visitors, run advertisements, list meetings and events, display stock and weather tickers and show breaking news using live TV streams.

Unlike many kiosk systems, REDYREF's software was developed to be compatible with our clients' existing systems, allowing them to update directly from their own networks.

The improved interaction, streamlined navigation, and enhanced graphical interface simplify the user experience, ensuring that visitors' first impression of our clients' facilities is one of which they can be proud.

FOOD SERVICE /  Quick service restaurant (QSR)

Now more than ever, digital-first consumers desire transactional control, flexibility and privacy. In fact:

  • 60% of customers would visit a fast casual or quick-service restaurant more often if self-service kiosks were offered
  • 64% of Millennials prefer self-service
  • Kiosks cut customer wait times by approximately 30%, decreasing "drop out" effects

Besides a vastly improved customer experience, there are clear financial advantages when food service kiosks are deployed:

  • Brands report up to 30% higher average transactions via kiosks when compared with counter-ordering
  • Repeat business increases as much as 35% when self-pay kiosks are available
  • Digital kiosks enhance brand awareness by 48%

Whether in quick-service restaurant (QSR) and counter-service applications, or fast-casual dining and hospitality-centered environments, self-pay kiosks are now the new food service normal.

REDYREF QSR Self-Order KioskREDYREF Prodigy Freestanding Payment Kiosk


As online shopping has grown into a primary retail channel, retailers have had to learn how to quickly adapt to this new landscape.

Whether you need in-store ordering kiosks that allow out-of-stock items to be shipped to customers' homes; real-time inventory kiosks to help shoppers find items within the "miles of aisles" at big box stores; or dispensing kiosks for self-service product purchase, REDYREF has the solution. 


Many areas of state, local and federal governments are moving toward utilizing digital kiosk technology to improve, simplify and streamline departments as well as the end-user experience.

REDYREF can customize solutions across a wide range of public sector needs, including those for use in DMVs, courthouses and correctional facilities.


Hospitals and outpatient centers require that patients and visitors be directed to the right place with the least amount of stress.

Our enGAGE directory and wayfinding system greets visitors and patients, directs them to service areas, departments, patients, or doctor’s offices with the touch of a button.

After finding their desired information, users are directed to their destination with detailed floor and campus maps. Multiple languages are available to meet the needs of today’s diverse communities.

REDYREF also designs and manufactures telemedicine kiosks for use at retail pharmacies and within other similar environments.


REDYREF designs and builds kiosks for a range of transit needs. These include bus and train stations, bus shelters, airports and subway systems.

REDYREF kiosks are also incorporated into "smart city" plans as a way to provide transit schedules, local area information, wifi and even ticketing as necessary.

KCATA Transit Kiosk by REDYREF

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