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Digital Directory Kiosks

REDYREF designs, fabricates, manufactures, deploys and services self-service digital building directories, including touch screen (interactive) and non-touch (static) directories for a wide range of applications.

Our electronic directory signage and kiosks are ideal for multiple deployment environments, including commercial real estate, educational, retail, healthcare and government, and include customized software integrations and peripherals as required by our clients.

REDYREF's digital directories can be as streamlined or as complex as desired, depending on the directory software and integrations chosen. From static digital personnel listings, to interactive building and campus maps, RSS feeds, stock prices and local area information including weather and traffic, our directory software can be customized to our customers' specific needs.

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Digital Directories: Kiosk Hardware

Whether interactive or static, touch or non-touch, REDYREF's digital building directory kiosk hardware is available in a range of sizes, colors, and footprints and form factors to help visitors, guests, vendors and employees find their way around and within single floors, large office buildings, and multi-building campuses with ease.

Matrix 2.0 Recessed & Surface-Mount Kiosks

The Matrix is our most popular design for electronic building and office directory signage.

The REDYREF Matrix is available in surface or recessed options and features a clean, elegant enclosure in a modern stainless steel finish. It is an excellent choice for lobbies and other similar environments. Matrix was engineered to enclose a range of display sizes in a landscape or portrait orientation, and can be configured as a static (non-touch) or touchscreen kiosk.

Upstanding Kiosk USA

Evo Freestanding Kiosks

EVO is a freestanding kiosk available in both single- and dual-sided 65" display configurations and makes a powerful visual first impression when used as a digital directory in any number of environments, from indoor shopping malls and hospital campuses to educational centers and government complexes. 


Empire 3.0 Freestanding Kiosks

With its sleek, eye-catching design, the Empire 3.0 is an easy-to-use digital building directory kiosk with a large display engineered to provide an intuitive end-user experience. Ideal for large lobbies, hotels, convention centers, and college campuses.

Available with a static or touchscreen display in portrait or landscape orientations, the Empire 3.0 can also provide further brand reach via exterior customization.


Available Features

Digital Directory Kiosk Software

REDYREF's digital directories can be as streamlined or complex as desired, and much of this depends on the type of directory software solution that is selected for the kiosk or sign and its environment. From static digital personnel listings, to interactive maps, RSS feeds, stock prices and local area information, our building directory software can be customized to our customers' specific needs.

Directory Search

Directory software that allows visitors and guests to locate people, offices and meeting rooms easily, with less stress.

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Digital Art & 
Dynamic Spaces

Motion scenery, public art, curated collections & custom-designed options.

Mobile Handover for
Maps & Directions

Directories and maps can be sent directly to users' mobile devices for on-the-go use.

Building & Campus

Custom floor, building & campus mapping directory software is available, as well as maps for the local area.

retail digital directory software: shopping mall layout

Directory Applications and

Weather, ads, stock tickers, social media and global news apps may all be added.
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Engaging, beautiful, and flexible ways to communicate with and engage visitors and guests.

Room & Elevator
Directory Signage

Display conference room or other information via digital signs while guests are in pubic areas or elevators.

Directory Signage

Extend directory information to areas such as building entrances and parking garages with auxiliary signage.

Honor Boards &
Digital Trophy Cases

Software for memorial, athletic or educational accomplishment honor boards featuring directories of athletes past and present.

They Trust Redyref

Our Valued Clients

Industries That use Directories

Digital Directory Kiosk Applications

Nearly any business with a brick-and-mortar location can benefit from the addition of digital building directories and signs. 

Real Estate

Office building & corporate campus digital directories.


Hospital, healthcare clinic & medical office digital directory kiosks.


Electronic directory options for colleges, universities, high schools, educational campuses & grade schools. 

Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels, smart city & conference center digital directory signage.

Malls & Retail Stores

Electronic directories for big box retail stores, shopping malls & lifestyle centers.

retail shopping mall digital kiosk


Airports, train stations & bus station interactive directories.

outdoor digital kiosk bus stop


Digital building directories for federal, state, county & city government offices, local attractions and professional campuses.

Sports & Entertainment

Amusement park, entertainment venue sports arena and stadium directory signs. 

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About Digital Directories

How easy is it to update a digital directory?
Just login into your web based portal and click on the information you want to change, type it in and press "submit."
Is training provided?
Yes, training will be provided, as well as support documentation. We also have a customer service line to answer any questions.
Can I add weekly events and announcements to my digital directory?
Yes, this is part of the standard software platform. You can log into the web based portal and add these events/announcements as needed. They can also be scheduled.
Can visitors take the directory information with them on their mobile phone?
Yes, using QR code scanning technology, both wayfinding maps and directory information can be moved to the visitors mobile phone by scanning and taken wherever you go. You can even scan a code and contact someone within the building on your mobile phone just by scanning a QR code on the digital directory.
Are digital directories easy to maintain?
For hardware maintenance, we provide easy cleaning instructions.

For software maintenance, each system comes with annual support.
Do digital directories work well wirelessly?
We suggest using hardwired Cat5 or Cat6 connectivity to the digital directory as it facilitates a more reliable connection, however, wireless internet connection is acceptable. We can also provide LTE/Cellular connectivity if either hardwired or wifi is not available.
If I install my digital directory outdoors, do I need a special enclosure?
There is a huge difference between indoor and outdoor digital directories. For example, the displays tend to be anywhere from double to five times brighter to enable sunlight readability. Outdoor kiosks require temperature control systems to enable them to operate in all weather patterns and water protection to avoid damage of hardware. If your application is outdoor we will provide the appropriate solution.

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Our advanced manufacturing facilities include high-tech locations in four states, including this one in Riverdale, Nj, allowing us to serve customers across the U.S. using the newest, most cutting-edge machinery, like automated bending robots, state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, turret punch presses, automated powder coating lines, and super-fast, ultra-precise fiber lasers.

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Here`s a look at our Skyline payment kiosk in action at the International Amusement Parks & Attraction Association Conference (IAPAA).

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Here`s a behind the scenes look at some of our REDYREF 22" Skyline self-payment kiosks in production.

An indoor/outdoor model, the Skyline can be customized with components such as card readers and printers to handle transactions like ticketing (shown here), or for simpler wayfinding or information communication needs.

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At REDYREF we`re always excited to inspire the next generation of future engineers.

Reach out and request a tour!

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We assemble and test each kiosk at REDYREF facilities to ensure everything is working perfectly before it ships.

Whether using your software or ours, we load and test it here before delivering the kiosk to you.

Components are kitted and shipping is provided for multi-element deployments.

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Take a behind the scenes look at the custom police station biometric booking kiosks we manufactured for iTouch Biometrics, complete with fully integrated digital fingerprinting.

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Check out this custom police station biometric booking kiosk we manufactured for iTouch Biometrics, complete with fully integrated digital fingerprinting.

Whether it`s your software or ours, we load and test everything in-house, so that your kiosks are ready to go upon delivery.

Request a quote at the link in bio.

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Designed to be used for digital signage, advertising, and wayfinding, the Skyline provides broad functionality in one simple, attractive package.

Each kiosk features a clear, easy-to-read portrait-orientation display and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. This makes it a popular choice for large hospital and business campuses, malls, and transportation hubs such as train stations and airports.

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