Assessing Potential Kiosk Manufacturing Partners: Part One

Let’s talk about red flags.

A “red flag” is generally considered a symbol of warning. For instance, in racing, it means conditions are too dangerous to continue. In common parlance, a red flag is viewed as something that should not be overlooked; a harbinger of potential disaster or doom.

After one hundred years of being in business, we’ve come to the conclusion here at RedyRef that if we had a nickel for every time a customer had come to us with a kiosk manufacturing story filled with red flags, we would be able to give our products away.

Unfortunately, we don’t actually have said nickels. Fortunately, we do have these (sometimes almost-unbelievable) stories, and therefore, the knowledge, to be able to help companies who simply want to hire a reputable kiosk manufacturer that suits their needs without being taken for a ride. What we’ve found it really comes down to is due diligence -- making the time to fully research the options, and taking nothing for granted.

For instance:

If a manufacturer has unpaid suppliers?  

Red flag!

The manufacturer a) is terrible with money or b) has cash flow issues.  Most of the time, it’s a combination of both, with heavy emphasis on the latter. Unless the company is just starting out, inconsistent cash flow generally means a lack of customers, and a lack of customers usually means a lack of quality product and/or service.

If a manufacturer has been excessively late in the past or seems to require extended windows in order to complete projects?

Red flag!

More than once, we’ve had customers come to us who have paid all of their project costs up front, only to find themselves waiting six months to a year to receive their finished kiosks from their chosen manufacturer. If a manufacturer has a reputation for not hitting their promised delivery dates, buyer beware.

If a manufacturer requires 100% payment at project inception?

Red flag!

A common customer horror story we’ve heard concerns manufacturers taking money from one customer to buy materials for another that’s already running behind, creating a cycle that goes unbroken until they finally run out of companies who are willing to take a chance on them.  In that case, the last company in will be the first one out -- of luck, that is. With no other accounts to dip into, it’s highly likely that eventually a company will not just be stuck with a late delivery, but rather, no delivery at all.

More about red flags in our next blog, as well as what to expect from a quality kiosk manufacturer; what questions to ask potential manufacturing candidates for your kiosk project; and the types (good, bad and ugly) of kiosk manufacturing resources out there.

Can’t wait for our next blog? Luckily, RedyRef can assist you today with your quality kiosk design and fabrication needs. Submit a request for proposal online or call (800) 628-3603 for more information.

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