Benefits of Digital Kiosks for Automotive Dealerships

Buying a new car can be a hassle. Customers are often wary of purchasing the wrong car, staying away from the pressure of dealerships until they’ve completed a fair amount of their own research. Digital kiosks are one way to diminish some of frustration consumers feel. Kiosks provide information including car facts, features and benefits to the consumer, allowing them to see exactly what is available before purchasing. Kiosks have the power to completely change the way people purchase cars, making it easier for them while decreasing overhead for dealerships.

What role do digital kiosks and digital signage play in car dealerships?

As with other industries, digital kiosks and signage provide information and services in a standalone capacity, freeing up staff to assist with other customer care needs. Digital kiosks' role is to serve as another tool for the customer. Car information can be made readily available to them through self-service kiosks, as well an the option to speak with a sales representative if or when they are ready to do so. That is the role of digital kiosks in car dealerships -- providing appropriate information on demand to the consumer without the need for sales representatives.

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Why are car dealership kiosks important? 

Car dealership kiosks are becoming increasingly important as more companies move toward automation. There are simply too many menial or administrative tasks that can bog down a company's workforce that can be automated. Kiosks help to digitize and automate some of these tasks, allowing a company’s workforce to apply their energy in more useful ways such as customer service.

With car dealerships, the biggest hurdle is convincing customers that a kiosk is able to offer the same information and level of service as a sales representative. Given the purchase price of most cars, combined with the stress of financing and other paperwork, this is a not-unreasonable concern. However, while kiosks can certainly be transactional in nature, they do not need to be and can instead be purely informational.  Kiosks can help reduce frustration for those customers who do not want to engage with representatives in what is often a high-pressure sales environment by providing them with needed information, freeing up the sales team to assist those who are actively seeking direct help.  

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Benefits of dealership kiosks

As discussed before, digital kiosks are being rapidly adopted in car dealerships. Below are some of the key benefits of installing a dealership kiosk.

  • Shorter transaction times
  • Improved customer service
  • A more personalized buyer experience: The customer is given more control over their research and the overall transaction
  • Greater transparency: Presenting all of the pricing information in one place allows customers to make informed decisions based on their personal financial situation
  • Decreased administrative workload for employees: Allows the sales team to spend more time serving customers who require it most and other tasks with revenue-generating potential
  • Cost-effective: Decrease dealership overhead and do not require hiring additional employees
  • Increased revenue: Kiosks help sell a greater volume of cars than standard sales methods

How will self-service kiosks transform the automotive industry in the future?

Almost every customer-facing industry is digitizing information and automating processes via self-service kiosks. The automotive industry is no different, and by shifting to a more digital-friendly means of operating dealerships, it becomes much easier to sell cars. The future means allowing customers to simply walk into a dealership, enter the type of car they are looking for into the kiosk, and within seconds, be directed to a car that fits their specifications. The automotive industry is constantly changing, and part of those changes will the adaptation to the wants and desires of their customers by offering more and better self-service options. Kiosks are a great step in this direction, giving car-buying consumers exactly what they want, without compromise. 

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