The Benefits of a Patient Self-Registration Kiosk

Efficiency and patient satisfaction are two primary goals of hospitals and medical clinics. Self-registration kiosks allow these facilities to run more efficiently, while providing more accurate information which can reduce mistakes and ultimately save lives.

Benefits of a Patient Self-Registration Kiosk

patient self registration kiosk

1. Faster registration for new patients

Digital registration kiosks cut down on paperwork for patients and manual data entry for staff. Automating registration also frees up staff to assist patients that need more help, such as the disabled.

2. Streamlined patient information updates

Digital kiosks make it much easier and faster for patients to update their information, such as insurance or address changes, without waiting for staff assistance. 

3. Enhanced environmental safety via contactless temperature checks

Kiosks can handle not just self-registration, but other tasks like touchless temperature checks, which have become increasingly important over the course of the pandemic. Automated temperature checks help ensure a safe environment for both patients and workers, while freeing up staff to handle more pressing tasks. 

4. Payment processing

Kiosks can accept payments, including touchless payments, which have become important for many organizations during COVID.  Kiosks can process co-pays and payment for other services or products, reducing wait times as well as stress on staff.  

5. Enable reminder for appointments for patients

Self-registration kiosks include software that connects to the facility’s practice management software. Therefore during registration or check in, patients can be given an opportunity to digitally opt-in to appointment reminders via text or email, reducing the chance that they will miss a future appointment.

6. Provide access to surveys and forms before the patient’s appointment

Surveys can play an important part in ensuring patient satisfaction. They can be used to quickly assess a patient’s current physical and emotional state so that their provider can review the information before the appointment. They can also can also allow patients to document and communicate their current satisfaction level with their care and how services can be improved for future visits.  

7. Create staffing efficiencies

Digital kiosks free up hospital staff for higher-priority tasks. Kiosks can automate simpler functions so that staff can be assigned to projects that are a better use of their time. 

What is a patient self-registration kiosk?

A patient self-registration kiosk is a self-service kiosk that allows patients to check in to a hospital or clinic digitally. These kiosks minimize paperwork and streamline payments while automating information collection and reducing data entry errors. 

hospital patients using kiosks.

Patient Registration Kiosk Features

Features of a patient registration kiosks include:

  • New or Existing Patient Check-In 
  • Updating New or Existing Patient Information 
  • Temperature Screening
  • Payment Processing (co-pays or other services)
  • Patient Health Surveys

Why REDYREF for Patient Self-Registration Kiosks

REDYREF has manufactured kiosks for more than 100 years, producing high-quality kiosk options for healthcare, business, travel, and hospitality, including self-registration kiosks. They work with each of their clients to understand their specific needs across industries and environments. Interesting in learning more? Get started by contacting REDYREF today. 


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