Campus Wayfinding System for Bowling Green State University


Bowling Green State University (BGSU) requested a complete digital directory and wayfinding kiosk system for their Ohio college campus, including hardware, software, and servicing.


BGSU needed a wayfinding system that would allow students, staff and visitors to navigate their large campus in an easy, stress-free way.

Requirements included the ability for users to find their way both inside and between buildings, as well as find specific people, rooms, amenities, and events. They also sought an integrated RSS feed for a pre-existing list of university events.

confusing street signs

The Solution

REDYREF designed a fully interactive wayfinding system for BGSU utilizing many advanced capabilities. One such feature was animated paths to demonstrate to users exactly how to get to their end destination. Another was mobile hand-off —  the ability to transfer navigational information via SMS directly to their phones, rather than requiring users to commit the information to memory.

Users are also able to choose to customize their route based on accessibility, such as utilizing elevators instead of stairs.

The Outcome

REDYREF designed, manufactured, deployed, and continues to service BGSU’s custom digital wayfinding kiosks. It has become an integral part of the university’s campus, simplifying navigation while providing easy access to information for the school’s population and beyond.

Questions, Queries or Comments?

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