Cash Collection Kiosks: Are They Secure?

Cash collection kiosks have been around for decades, most notably in the form of automated teller machines (ATMs). However, in the years between the debut of ATMs and today, the need for new and more sophisticated cash collection kiosks has soared far beyond banking, and into such industries as gaming, medical marijuana dispensing and others where security is of paramount importance and average transactions are generally higher-dollar amounts.

pile of american paper currency

How has the kiosk manufacturing industry responded to customers' needs for high-security cash collection kiosks?

Manufacturers like REDYREF are combining the best of new technology with old-school fraud protection to help their customers keep their kiosks secure. For example, a medical marijuana dispensary kiosk must be able to handle cash deposits, as many dispensaries only handle cash transactions. So kiosks have to be secure not just physically, but also technologically.

The kiosk itself must incorporate levels of fail-safes such as shutters and other physical barriers to prevent theft; on the other hand, it must also marry these measures to modern fraud-prevention features, such as cash tracking sensors, bill counter/handlers and sophisticated digital kiosk software that is able to recognize counterfeit bills and coins. This last issue is one of the more difficult for those in the security industry to deal with, as it’s only become easier to create fake currency over the last decade. Therefore, security specialists have to constantly stay one step ahead of criminals, rather than simply responding to problems as they occur.

What types of technologies are currently available to help prevent fraud?

There are devices available for use within cash collection kiosks that are able to analyze the UV signature of the ink on printed bills, or the precise density of accepted coins; these are two of the most common types of fraud prevention technology. There are also devices that can detect the metallic strip integrated into most American paper currency, analyzing its position and even chemical makeup.  This is truly an area of research that seems to have no end in sight at the moment, and with the self-service kiosk industry continuing to gain steam, it stands to reason that security advances like the ones listed here will only keep coming.

Even though technology does its best to keep up, cash handling is never likely to be a simple process. However, it is a necessary one for many businesses in this day and age.  Because it takes many levels of precise coordination in order to ensure transactions are secure, the key to success is partnering with an experienced, vertically integrated manufacturer like REDYREF. Contact us today at (800) 628-3603 today or request a quote online and we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that your cash collection kiosk meets every one of your business’ security needs for its unique deployment environment.

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