What is a Document Printing Kiosk?

Whether for travel or other important information, document printing kiosks play an important role, even in today’s increasingly digital world.

What is a document printing kiosk?

A document printing kiosk allows users to print a range of different documents, including boarding passes, tickets, shipping labels, or those that require a physical signature prior to submission. 

what is a document printing kiosk.

Parts of a Document Printing Kiosk

A document printing kiosk generally includes the following parts:

  • Kiosk Enclosure: The enclosure supports and protects all of the other pieces of the kiosk, and functions as a sort of exoskeleton. Enclosures are generally fabricated out of metal, most often, stainless steel or aluminum. They are designed to be quite durable, and able to handle years of use with proper maintenance. Well designed kiosk enclosures are easy to recognize and attractive to potential users.
  • Kiosk Software: The software is what makes the kiosk run, and is quite like the “brain” of the operation. Without it, the kiosk simply doesn’t function. The most important aspect of kiosk software is its efficiency and usability for a wide range of individuals. Document printing kiosks may have simple software that does only the bare minimum via a tablet computer interface, or, they may have more complex features included as well, enabling it to display information or wayfinding assistance. 
  • Printing Integrations: Not all kiosks include this functionality, but for a document printing kiosk, it’s obviously a necessity. This includes the printer itself, which will need to be regularly maintained to ensure that it does not jam or run out of ink and paper. Some document printing kiosks may also offer the ability to transact payments. 


Which industries use printing kiosks?

Document printing kiosks are a valuable asset to a large number of industries. Below are just some of industries that these kiosks have impacted positively: 

  • Education: It is becoming increasingly common for schools at all levels to utilize kiosks to check in and out visitors, guests and vendors. Many of these kiosks also print badges to help keep the school grounds as secure as possible. 
  • Hospitality: Many hotels now use kiosks for guest check-in and check-out. For those who require receipts and folios and prefer paper versions to email, document printing kiosks can provide a self-service option. They can also be used to print badges in conference centers, or tickets to conference events. 
  • Travel: The travel industry benefits from printing kiosks to handle tickets and other important documents, such as boarding passes.
  • Shipping & Transportation: Shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx can utilize document printers to allow customers to print their own shipping labels and receipts, rather than waiting in line. 

The main benefits of a document printing Kiosk

Document printing kiosks offer many benefits such as convenience and ease of access. Below are some of the additional benefits that can be realized:

benefits of a document printing kiosk.

Fast and Inexpensive

Document printing kiosks provide a convenient access point for users to print documents, often for free, or for a very small fee. The self-service aspects help keep customers moving instead of waiting in line for personal assistance, which is especially important in environments such as airports. 


Users who require physical copies of important documents and do not have easy access to a reliable printer find document printing kiosks convenient and easy to use.  

High quality document printing

Many home printers cannot print at the high quality that commercial printers can. For certain documents, it may be necessary to use a commercial printer, and a document printing kiosk can easily handle this task. 

How REDYREF Can Help

REDYREF has been a trusted kiosk manufacturer for more than 100 years, producing high quality kiosks for a large number of industries including healthcare, travel, and hospitality. REDYREF can work with any organization considering a document printing kiosk to help design a solution that fits their business’ needs. Simply visit for more information on how to get started.



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