Featured Kiosk: enGAGE

REDYREF's newly released enGAGE line of digital kiosks features over a dozen different styles for kiosk deployers to utilize as the basic platform of their kiosk requirement. A platform that can be used as it exists or be semi-customized to meet the component requirements of any kiosk application. It’s simple -- the enGAGE line is built on a standard frame concept that was designed around the idea that retail sells real estate by the square foot.

stainless steel engage touchscreen interactive kiosks

REDYREF enGAGE Modular Kiosks: Meeting the Needs of Today's Retailers

Each enGAGE digital kiosk is designed on a frame system that is standardized by the foot (12”, 24” 36”, 48” and so on) so that the footprint easily fits within the parameters of retail space allocations. And since the enGAGE is a frame system, it can be easily customized to other sizes if needed to meet component requirements.  That said, the next part of the modularity of the design is in the fact that the metal cabinets, called skins, are mounted or hung from the frames are also completely customizable to the needs of the sizes of the components that they house.

Additionally, all enGAGE "skins" are fully customizable, making them a great branding platform for graphics and decals that complete the holistic intentions of the enGAGE modular design. Best of all, the design allows us to meet the needs of your brand and performance needs while managing cost and speed to market. As with all of our kiosks, we provide cutting-edge kiosk software that can suit the needs of your company whether you need an electronic directory, interactive wayfinding program, digital signage and much more!

The enGAGE kiosk can seamlessly blend into any environment; we have the capabilities to make custom modifications on standard kiosk units to fit the specified requirements of your project. Your business could benefit from a kiosk whether you work in an office, hospital, university, hotel, airport, courthouse, convention center, shopping mall and more. The versatile options can give you stand-alone variations, wall-mounted, desk-mounted and custom-mounted applications so it can virtually work in any given space.

Additional benefits include the ability to choose from a variety of monitor sizes to fit your needs, optional custom vinyl-wrapped graphics to further strengthen your brand, and the possibility of having a branded header on the kiosk and extensive equipment options.

Other REDYREF Self-Service Kiosks

three custom interactive touchscreen kiosks

Standard kiosks work for you in any space. From phone booths to museum directories, REDYREF can suggest the perfect kiosk for your desired use. With over 100 years of service, we can proudly say that all of our kiosks are manufactured and designed in the United States, backed by ISO certification.

Some of our standard kiosks can be fitted for outdoor applications, constructed with awnings, weather-resistant components and illuminated lighting for use at night. Special paint can be applied to outdoor kiosks that add to its look as well as stand against natural elements. Other innovative standard kiosks include the capsule privacy kiosk that can give users a certain amount of privacy with an open-air feeling.

REDYREF is one of the leading kiosk manufacturers so it makes sense to check out the modular enGAGE kiosk for optimal customization and our standard kiosks to seamlessly fit into any environment!

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