Human Resources Kiosks are Simplifying Employees' & Employers' Lives

When we think of interactive, self-service kiosks, what first comes to mind tends to be those that involve food service and retail. This is for good reason; these types of digital kiosks are the ones in the news because they are consumer-oriented and have been at the center of controversy (see also: McDonald’s vs. the $15 minimum wage) or are on the very cutting edge of technology (especially in flagship stores like Burberry, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger).

While these consumer-facing kiosks may be sexier, there are plenty of self-service kiosks that don’t get the attention they deserve, including human resources kiosks. Sure, they are more functional than fun, but human resources kiosks work behind the scenes to help companies make their employees’ lives easier from the very start. How?

education kiosks.

Hiring and Job Application

Companies like Wal-Mart and Target have known for years that interactive human resources kiosks are a great solution to encourage job-seekers to apply for jobs.  These kiosks handle all of the intake information a paper form would, only it can now be conveniently saved to a central database.  That means that if there is no current position available in the store at which an individual applies, they can let the potential employee know of other jobs available in the area, as well as hold on to that information for future hiring purposes. This frees up store managers and HR specialists to handle other important tasks, rather than dealing with the initial intake of paper applications.

New-Hire Orientation

Is there a single person who has ever looked forward to this day?  It’s often unnecessarily long, boring and far from self-paced; possibly the least enjoyable way to start the exciting journey of a new job. And let’s face it — often, it has nothing to do with the new job itself. Interactive human resources kiosks allow employees to work through new-hire forms independently without killing trees made from piles of paper. Instead of being handed massive packets of company information, they can read through all of it on the kiosk, and choose to have a paperless version emailed to them for later reference.  Kiosks are also helpful when managing resources for orientations, especially for larger companies.  If there are 50 people starting one week, but only 5 the next, it may not make sense to allocate assign the same number of HR staff to cover it.  Self-service kiosks can take the place of those who would be more productive if left to handle other tasks.

Think interactive human resources kiosks are right for your company?

Come back next week when we’ll continue to discuss their advantages for internal use. If you’ve already decided self-service kiosks are the solution you’ve been looking for, contact RedyRef today at (800) 628-3603 or request a quote online and we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that your self-service kiosk program meets every one of your business’ unique needs and goals.

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