Implementing Digital Menu Boards in QSR Environments: Content Best Practices

Last week, we discussed best practices in digital menu board implementation. After all, there’s little doubt that rolling out a dynamic display program in QSR and fast casual environments is a big investment in both time and money, so it’s clearly important to get it right the big things right — hardware and software in particular — the first time. That conversation leads us to today’s blog, which is what to do with all of those screens once they’ve been ordered, programmed and installed. Basically, what are the best practices in terms of content generation for restaurants utilizing digital displays?

Content Best Practices for QSR Environments

It’s important to understand the incredible range of opportunities that opens up once dynamic digital menu boards are implemented. Although it may seem alien at first to operators or management, once the initial “getting to know you” period has passed, an entirely new world opens up, allowing restaurants to interact with customers in completely new and imaginative ways. In an industry where maintaining brand loyalty is essential to success, finding new ways to connect with diners can be the difference between turning a profit or taking a loss. For instance:

  • If your company is involved in charitable work, creating videos that showcase that effort can increase positive perception of its brand. Consumers want to feel good about what they’re buying. While it may not result in them spending more on each visit, it is likely to impact the chance and rate of return visits when the playing field is otherwise level.
  • Put aside budget for creating visually-engaging images of menu items, including both videos and photography. Seeing bacon sizzling on a grill or cold, sparkling soda being poured into a tall glass can go a long way toward both creating demand and increasing total ticket values, as well as emphasizing items that are most profitable (like that sparkling soda, for one).
  • Many customers will stare at their phones when lines are long, but dynamic content is an opportunity to catch and refocus their attention where you want it (your menu!) while decreasing the perception of wait times during peak times of day when done right. This is the perfect time to create a positive experience for a captive audience, while ultimately driving sales. Alternate between interesting (but relevant) videos and menu promotions spotlighting new items, specials or menu highlights.

But wait — there’s more! Come back next week to find out how to create world-class content for dynamic menu boards in QSR and fast casual environments. And if you’ve already decided that digital menu boards are right for your business, simply request a quote online or call (800) 628-3603 today and RedyRef will be there every step of the way to ensure your company’s unique signage needs and goals are met.

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