Interactive Kiosk and Digital Signage News

Interest in Digital License Plates is Gearing Up

Will digital license plates become the new standard with the dawn of the driverless car era? Compliance Innovations, a South Carolina start-up, thinks so, at least as it pertains to vehicle fleets, like the kind that will someday be owned by Uber and Lyft. The license plate is actually a screen, which can show plate information when the car is driving, but when parked, can be used to show advertisements or other relevant messaging that has been customized based on the vehicle’s location. It has already been approved for use in California and Florida, with Texas on the way, and at least six more states are reviewing this technology for potential future use.

Please Do Not Lick Your Fingers Before Using KFC’s New Self-Service Kiosks

Kentucky Fried Chicken is on the verge of launching a 5000 store roll-out of interactive kiosks with facial recognition across China. The kiosks feature artificial intelligence software that will allow them to predict what a customer may want to order. The deployment is coming on the heels of its successful test of the technology in Beijing. However, KFC will likely have to reckon with the fact that many customers may not want the facial impressions generated by the software stored in a database. Concerns about privacy are only becoming stronger with advances in technology, so it remains to be seen how users will react to this idea over time.

Shares of Panera Bread Company Hit Record High, Assisted by New Leaps in Self-Service Technologies

Shares of Panera Bread just hit a record high, and company executives firmly believe that success lies in the deployment of new customer-centric interactive technologies. Panera has invested heavily over the last two years in both in-store digital kiosks and in their smartphone app that helps customers place, pay for and pick up their orders easily and seamlessly. These changes also appear to be offsetting some of Panera’s labor costs, which would be especially impactful in areas with higher minimum wages, such as New York, Washington and California.


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