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It is impossible to deny the growing popularity of interactive kiosks and the digital technologies that are playing a part in this trend, including digital signage. In fact, Zion Market Research recently published a report stating that the global self-service technology market accounted for $15.70 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $37.75 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of around 15.8% between 2016 and 2021. That’s truly exceptional growth. Today, we wanted to catch up RedyRef’s readers on some of the news we’ve come across as it relates to developments concerning the use of interactive kiosks and digital signage across several industries.

First up, the rapidly-growing use of self-service kiosks by state DMVs for driver’s license or car registration renewal. While the kiosks themselves are certainly more convenient than waiting in long DMV lines, better yet, they are being placed in areas such as grocery stores and malls, which means users can now combine errands in a much more convenient way.  Some of the states that are rolling out this technology, or already have it in place, include Georgia, North Dakota, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and California. Although there is always a learning curve when introducing a new self-service technology, most people believe that Gen X and especially Millennial users will take to this trend fast, allowing it to spread quickly over the coming years.

Next, it was recently announced that Saudi Arabian Bank has begun installing interactive kiosks with biometric technology integrations for their customers.  The use of biometrics, such as the retina and fingerprint scanners offered by RedyRef, gives users an additional level of safety and security, one that is much greater than a simple pin number or password.  Some of these technologies are already being integrated into cellular phones for an additional layer of security, so it makes sense that the use of biometrics is starting to grow for interactive kiosks, too.

Finally, Carnival Corporation (operator of multiple cruise lines, including Princess, Carnival and Holland America) is in the process of testing a form of RFID technology they hope will simplify and personalize their passengers’ experiences on their ships. The key lies in a small chip, encased in a medallion, that can be unobtrusively worn or stored in a wallet or handbag.  The chip will allow guests to unlock room doors automatically, or give them automatic entrance into different shows or entertainment venues onboard.  It can even store information about restaurant reservations, including food and drink preferences. The chip also lets Carnival more seamlessly communicate with passengers by sending personalized messages and recommendations to digital signage both in public areas and in their rooms, based on stored preferences.  What these chips will not do, however, is store sensitive information, such as room number or credit card numbers.  It remains to be seen whether customers will take to this technology or not, but it will be interesting to find out more once the results are in.

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