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Global Interactive Kiosks Market Research Released

Markets and Markets released a report this week detailing information about the global interactive kiosks market. According to the paper, the market is expected to reach $73.35 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 9.2% from 2015 through 2020. This is a massive increase, given that the 2014 total was at only 60% of that number or $44.17B. M&M’s projection is based on the trend of decreasing kiosks costs and the public’s overall demand for greater customization and interactivity when purchasing goods and services, as well as shorter wait times standing in line.

Other interesting bullet points include:

  • Healthcare is expected to have the highest rate of growth in the interactive kiosk category, stemming from expansions in pharmaceutical, diagnostic and hospital management kiosks
  • North America holds the highest market share for the use and deployment of interactive kiosks
  • The largest geographic area of expected growth for interactive kiosks is Asia Pacific, with Europe coming in second

American Girl Announces Store of the Future, Features Interactive Kiosks

American Girl will shutter its Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City in fall of 2017 and reopen in Rockefeller Center with a “store of the future” concept. A pioneer in interactive retail, with this move, AG clearly intends to stay on top. The new store will feature “customization and personalization” in the form of interactive experiences for including the ability to customize clothes, accessories and for the first time, a salon that is for both the girls and their AG dolls.

Interactive media will also play an important role at the store, with plans for stop-motion workshops, cooking and yoga classes, and the addition of interactive kiosks to help users navigate the massive space, as well as book appointments for the various experiences on offer, from tea times to workshops.

Kansas City Commuters Play Kiosk Solitaire

Kansas City recently rolled out interactive kiosks along their streetcar line. Unfortunately, they became a little too interactive not long after deployment. Commuters found they were able to play solitaire on the kiosk -- something it was definitely not designed to do. It turns out the users had gained access to a standard Ubuntu desktop by figuring out they could "swipe" the streetcar information away with the palm of their hand. The director of communications for the city has since said there was "never any security risk" and the system wasn't hacked, and that a system update was at the root of the problem.

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