Interactive Wayfinding Trends: What's Next (Part 2)?

Digital wayfinding isn’t showing any signs of slowing down across almost every industry and environment. With cutting-edge technologies being almost constantly introduced, opportunities to upgrade to better and more advanced integrations seem to be everywhere. So what’s next in interactive wayfinding in 2023 and beyond? We started to discuss the latest trends last week, and today, we'll finish up. Let’s find out more!

  1. Analytics and Data Mining

In our last blog, we talked a little about the ways in which big data is making its way into interactive wayfinding kiosks. So it stands to reason that the data being collected might be valuable in a number of different situations to both the company deploying the kiosk, and the kiosk manufacturer, as well. Utilizing behavioral analytics to better understand how and for what end users are searching allows companies to create both a better UX and more personalized results for their intended audience. Analytics can also enhance users’ experiences beyond the wayfinding kiosk and into their environments. When the data collected is used to make the physical wayfinding experience away from the kiosk easier to navigate — whether in a shopping mall or on a college campus — the guest’s or visitor’s overall impression of their environment is more likely to be positive.

  1. Mobile Integration/Wayfinding Apps

While the focus is often on wayfinding hardware — the physical kiosk — consumers are now looking for ways to take the kiosk wayfinding experience with them on the go. That’s where mobile apps for wayfinding come into play. As end users become ever-more technologically savvy, it’s important to stay ahead of their demands for this type of UX across devices and platforms, including smartphones, tablets and wearable technologies like the Apple Watch. In fact, this is one reason why REDYREF ultimately developed an end-to-end mentality for our kiosk solutions. Having the capabilities to create wayfinding solutions from the ground up, including custom software integrations, is what sets us apart from our competitors. Whether our customers want to give their visitors or guests mobile walking directions, maps or specific location-driven content (such as coupons), we can make it happen — and design, build and even deploy the kiosk at the same time.

Is your business ready for what’s next in interactive wayfinding? As an end-to-end manufacturer of vertically integrated self-service kiosk solutions, we invite you to submit a request for proposal online or call (800) 628-3603 today to find out how REDYREF can help you give your customers a best-in-class, digital wayfinding experience.

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