Interactive Wayfinding Trends in 2023

As we move through 2023, interest and investment in interactive wayfinding don’t appear to show any sign of slowing. In fact, trends continue to pop up in this kiosk category all the time, especially post-COVID, which is why we’re making them the focus of our blog this week. So what’s next in wayfinding and building directories? Let’s find out.

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#1: Big Data Makes Its Way into Kiosks

The ability to track consumer behavior has always been desirable and the dawn of the internet made it easier than ever to do exactly that. And now wayfinding software is making it possible to find out now just how customers are using the device (usability tracking), but to get a glimpse of what kinds of information they are seeking out with its use, enabling those collecting the data to keep information provided relevant and fresh. For example, let’s say that a large education expo was scheduled for a college campus.

Wayfinding kiosks are, of course, useful for getting directions and locating conference rooms for different workshops and such. But new advances in wayfinding kiosk software now allow for a much broader array of information to be searched and communicated. Besides finding the fastest way to point A from point B, wayfinding kiosks can now be integrated with database feeds that feature everything from live event streams to emergency alert system notifications to point-of-sale programs that accept donor contributions to a given organization.

#2: 3D Mapping Becomes the New Standard UX

Remember when offering an interactive map was considered cutting-edge? Not anymore. Enter 3D mapping. In a consumer world that is becoming ever more comfortable with the idea of virtual and augmented reality, creating a fully immersive experience for customers will at some point in the near future be not just an interesting feature, but a mandatory part of the overall UX. Whether it’s via an interactive 360-degree panorama, live webcam, or fly-over simulation, 3D mapping is not just the wave of the future, but the current reality for those developing wayfinding kiosks for deployment in the next 6-12 months.

Looking for more wayfinding trends? Come back next week as we explore this idea further. And if you happen to be ready to dive into the deep end of interactive wayfinding now, RedyRef is here to ensure that your company’s kiosk program is a success. As an end-to-end manufacturer of vertically integrated self-service kiosk solutions, we invite you to submit a request for proposal online or call (800) 628-3603 today to find out how we can help you give your customers a best-in-class wayfinding experience.

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