Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) Digital Bus Shelters

KCATA Bus Shelter Kiosk Project: Background

KCATA manages all transportation for the greater Kansas City area. KC has been growing rapidly, making the need for efficient, effective public transportation a top priority.

Their goal was to to keep traffic and transportation running smoothly while ensuring there was infrastructure in place to support the initiative. 

KCATA's Transit Problem

KCATA’s bus shelters were becoming old and out-dated. There was also no technology with which area residents and visitors could be provided relevant local and transportation information.

REDYREF's Kiosk Solution

Integrating large-format touchscreens into a bus shelter provided an exciting challenge for REDYREF. Our team consulted with KCATA for a number of months, discussing aesthetics, features, functionality, and technology that could all be implemented into a seamless, integrated solution.

The resulting design was comprised of three distinct pieces:

  • 55” displays integrated directly into the bus shelter’s frame to provide area information
  • 4x1 Digital Signs integrated into 15 foot markers to provide information regarding transportation
  • 55” free standing kiosks with digital displays deployed as “smart city” information kiosks around the KC metropolitan area


The KCTA digital bus shelter deployment resulted in a number of positive outcomes for the city. Those utilizing public transportation are now able to benefit from real-time bus arrival information and access to a city-wide directory, as well as protection from the elements and enhanced lighting for improved safety and greater visibility.

KCATA Digital Bus Shelter by REDYREF

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