Bazooka Indoor Outdoor Kiosk

Payment kiosks and software designed and manufactured by RedyRef feature convenience + an intuitive user interface for customers paired with labor cost savings + potential additional revenue streams for businesses.

  • Payments can be made via bills, coins, checks or debit/credit cards
  • Developed with an intuitive user interface
  • Offer potential savings via labor cost reductions
  • Increase foot-traffic around the payment kiosk’s location
  • Feature remote, cloud-based software updates and monitoring, as well as post-deployment servicing
  • Allow 24/7 access to bill payment services
  • Able to print paper receipts or send digitally
  • Offer secure EMV card transactions
  • Require little or no assistance from customer representatives
  • Can provide additional revenue via per-transaction convenience fees to the customer and up-selling opportunities
  • Cloud-based software makes systems updates and maintenance easy to schedule during less-busy times
  • Require minimal staff training, which can be completed remotely or in person
  • Provide convenience for those who cannot or do not wish to pay bills online
  • Secure payments offer customers peace of mind
  • Transactions and data are kept secure
  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) ensures credit card information is secure from the moment it is read
  • Customer card transactions are secured with EMV solutions that have been certified with all major payment processors

Secure Self-Service Payment Solutions

Bazooka Indoor Outdoor Kiosk
Physical security
  • Internal Level 1 safes with electronic locks
  • Door access sensors and alarms
  • Location sensing and monitoring
  • Tilt alarms
  • Remote monitoring
  • Security payment components for unattended environments

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Empire 2.0 Freestanding Kiosk
  • Touchscreen and non-touch (static) visitor management
  • Complete digital directory and wayfinding kiosk solutions available
  • Suitable for multiple environments, including government, educational, corporate, healthcare and outdoor applications
  • Interactive kiosks and digital directories that are designed, built, deployed & serviced by RedyRef

Additional Interactive Solutions

Hospitality Kiosks
  • Hotel and resort directories & wayfinding
  • Conference center directories & wayfinding
  • Corporate virtual receptionist & e-concierge
  • Self check-in (hotel, airlines, conferences)
  • Digital reader boards (listing conference rooms or other areas of a facility/convention center + special events)
  • Information access software for event management (Guest/visitor information for conference centers/hotels)