6 Kiosk Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Due to Covid-19, the demand for contactless interaction has only increased. Kiosks help fulfill this demand by providing an interface that is efficient, convenient, and ultimately safe. From tracking temperatures to ordering food and purchasing tickets, kiosks fill a crucial role in our daily lives.

Temperature Kiosks

Temperature kiosks are currently trending due to COVID-19 and the need to understand one’s health status. These kiosks provide a temperature read without the need for physical contact. This is crucial as it keeps the kiosk sanitary-allowing it to service multiple people while lowering the danger of potentially contaminating others. These screenings are generally fast, measuring temperatures anywhere between 1-5 seconds. If an abnormal temperature or fever is detected, an alarm will sound. Moving forward, these kiosks provide a vital role, especially in these times as it can help keep people informed on their current health status, which is beneficial for everyone. 

temperature kiosk trends.

Restaurant kiosks

Restaurant kiosks are becoming more and more popular due to the restrictions on ordering food. These kiosks are available at many quick-service restaurants but are expanding to more fast-casual restaurants as well. To order food, you simply input your choices through a digital interface and either you can pick up your food or someone will bring it out to you. Beyond COVID, these kiosks will always remain an important convenience as both the customer and the restaurant can save time. 

Census kiosks

In response to COVID, many Census kiosks have been set up at many COVID-19 testing sites across California. The point of these kiosks is to allow people to take the census, even under quarantine and other situations. The census determines how a portion of government spending is distributed, so it is of great importance that all citizens are polled. The point of these kiosks is to ensure that every citizen across the United States has access to the Census no matter what and the kiosks provide an efficient and convenient solution to this.  

Ticketing Kiosks

Ticketing kiosks have always existed at airports and trains, but with the recent outbreak, they are becoming more and more necessary as interaction should be kept to a minimum. Ticketing kiosks are kiosks that print a physical ticket for the user in exchange for NFC or other payment options. This ultimately saves time by allowing the user to purchase tickets at their own pace and is much safer as it limits interaction. Beyond COVID, these ticketing kiosks will remain quite relevant as it saves the airport, train station, or bus station a great deal of time and resources. 

ticketing kiosk trend.

Self-check-in Kiosks for Hotels

Self-check-in kiosks are becoming more common at hotels and with the recent outbreak, they are becoming more and more necessary. These kiosks allow a guest or a small group of guests to simply check-in to their current lodging. This limits interaction between the guests and the staff, keeping both parties safe during the quarantine. The important aspect of these kiosks is they allow the guests to check-in at their own leisure and summarily, the hotel staff is free to complete other tasks as they see fit. Beyond the outbreak, these kiosks will ultimately prove beneficial by providing guests with a hassle-free check-in. 

Bitcoin kiosks

Bitcoin kiosks are kiosks that allow a user to either purchase or sell bitcoin. With the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the rise, these kiosks are becoming increasingly popular as they allow just anyone to purchase bitcoin and other currencies at their own leisure. With COVID, digital currencies are more relevant as they are currently much safer than physical currency. After the outbreak, these kiosks will still prove relevant as the crypto market will continue to grow and these kiosks allow any user to engage in digital currencies on their own terms. 

Covid-19 has been an unpleasant experience for everyone. As we work through this pandemic together, the need for kiosks has become more and more apparent. They allow businesses and other services to continue operating while keeping the end-user safe. And in these troubled times, it is most important to keep safe and healthy. 

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