Enhancing the Fan Experience: Uses for Self-Service Kiosks in Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Modern sports stadiums and arenas are more than just a place to watch a game — they are now meant to be a completely immersive experience. From the moment fans enter the gates to when they leave, every minute should be engaging and memorable. This is where REDYREF's self-service kiosks can play a part, helping to transform how fans interact with your venue’s services and facilities, from concessions to wayfinding. Here’s how our kiosk technology can enhance the fan experience in your sports facility.

Streamlining Sports Venue Entry with Ticketing Kiosks

Quick and Hassle-Free Entry

Nobody likes to start their game day experience standing in long lines. Self-service ticketing kiosks make entering the stadium a breeze. Fans can purchase or pick up pre-ordered tickets at these kiosks without waiting in line at the ticket window. This speeds up entry, reduces congestion, and gets fans to their seats faster — all of which makes for a happier crowd.

Mobile Integration

Many fans now choose to purchase electronic tickets in digital formats, presenting their tickets on mobile phones for entry. Our kiosks can scan barcodes or QR codes from a smartphone, ensuring that getting into the game is as simple as displaying the ticket on their device.

ticketing kiosks, 2 different styles, indoor and outdoor

Upgrading the Culinary Experience with Food and Beverage Ordering and Payment Kiosks

Ordering Made Easy

Gone are the days of missing a big play while waiting for a hot dog and a soda. With our self-service kiosks, fans can quickly place their order and pay in seconds — which means less time in line and more time enjoying the game. Some venues even allow fans to order from their seats and pick up their food from a dedicated kiosk, cutting down wait times even further.

Customizable Orders

These kiosks allow fans to customize their orders exactly how they like them. Whether it’s adding extra cheese to a burger or choosing a specific beverage, fans can personalize their meals without the pressure of holding up a line.

Hoback Lite Series

Enhancing Fan Engagement with Interactive Information Kiosks

Event Information at Your Fingertips

Interactive information kiosks placed around the stadium can provide fans with everything they need to know about the game and the venue. From player stats and team information to real-time game updates and event schedules, these kiosks ensure fans have easy access to engaging content.

Wayfinding Features

Sports venues can be massive and confusing. Self-service kiosks with wayfinding capabilities can help fans find their seats, locate restrooms, discover concession stands, and even find their favorite merchandise shops without wandering around, ultimately losing time when they could be watching the game.

Matrix Recessed Digital Directory

Boosting Merchandise Sales with Retail Payment Kiosks

Easy Shopping Experience

Fans looking to take home a souvenir don’t have to deal with crowded shops anymore. With retail payment kiosks, purchasing merchandise becomes a fast and easy experience. Fans can browse products, check out sizes and colors, and pay for their gear without ever interacting with a cashier.

Promotions and Deals

These kiosks can also run promotions and special deals, encouraging fans to make a purchase they might not have considered otherwise. By tailoring these offers to the specific preferences and behaviors of fans, stadiums and arenas can significantly boost their merchandise sales.

Facilitating Payments with Cash-to-Card Kiosks & Reverse ATMs

Convenient Cash Conversion

Not all fans are ready or able to switch to digital payments, and not all vendors in stadiums might accept cash. Cash-to-card kiosks solve this by allowing fans to convert their cash into a prepaid card that they can use anywhere in the venue. This means even fans who prefer cash can enjoy a seamless, modern payment experience.

Reduced Cash Handling

For the venue, reducing cash handling can lead to greater security and operational efficiency. These kiosks minimize the risks and costs associated with managing large volumes of cash, making the financial operations smoother and safer.


Custom Self-Service Kiosk Solutions for Every Sports Venue

As a leading kiosk manufacturer, we understand that each stadium and arena is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. That’s why we are able to manufacture custom self-service kiosk solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your venue. Whether it’s integrating with existing systems, designing a user interface and vinyl exterior wraps and decals that reflect your brand, or providing ongoing support and training, we are here to ensure that your transition to our digital solutions is successful and stress-free.

Self-service kiosks are changing the game for sports venues by offering better services, increased sales, and a significantly improved fan experience. By embracing them, stadiums and arenas can turn game day into an even more memorable, enjoyable, and fun experience for every fan.

Ready to transform your venue and elevate the fan experience with REDYREF’s kiosks? Contact us today, and let’s make every game day a win for your fans and your operations!

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