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Presto Freestanding Food Service Kiosk
Bazooka 2.0 Payment Kiosk
Bazooka 2.0
T-Flex Payment Kiosk

Self-Service Payment Solutions

Now more than ever, consumers desire transactional control, flexibility and privacy. In fact:

  • 64% of Millennials prefer self-service solutions, including those for bill payments, ticketing, vending, food service and hospitality
  • Payment kiosks cut customer wait times by approximately 30%, decreasing line “drop out” effects
  • Digital kiosks allow the 11% of adults who do not “bank” with financial institutions to conveniently pay their bills

Besides a vastly improved customer experience, there are clear financial advantages when self-service payment kiosks are deployed:

  • Brands report up to 30% higher average transactions via kiosks
  • Repeat business increases as much as 35% when self-pay kiosks are available
  • Digital kiosks enhance brand awareness by 48%
  • Kiosks allow businesses to take advantage of surrounding foot traffic to showcase goods and services to potential customers
  • Once established, kiosk-only transactions require little or no assistance from customer representatives
  • Interactive kiosks can provide additional revenue via per-transaction convenience fees to the customer and up-selling opportunities

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Whether in restaurants, train stations, big-box retail or ballparks,  self-pay kiosks are the new consumer normal. Contact REDYREF and get started building your digital future today.

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Available Components,  Integrations and Options

  • Built-in Webcam/Microphone
  • Ethernet LAN connection
  • Custom Component Integrations
  • Custom Powder Coat Colors
  • Brandable Vinyl and Silkscreen Wraps
  • Receipt Printers
  • Credit Card Reader (Swipe or EMV)
  • ADA-Compliance Capable
  • Remote Monitoring and Tracking
  • Bar Code Reader
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Coin and Bill Acceptors
  • Bill and Coin Dispensers
  • Keyboard with Trackpad
  • Speakers with Amp
  • Dual displays for select units
  • Wifi – External Antenna
  • Choice of iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface or Elo Tablets
  • Available Platforms: iOS, Windows, Android, Linux
  • Touch and Non-Touch Display Sizes from 12″ to 52″; Custom Sizes are available
  • Extended warranties

Freestanding Payment Kiosks

Presto Self-Payment Kiosk
T-Flex Payment Kiosk
Bazooka 2.0 Payment Kiosk
enGAGE L-Series Dual-Monitor Kiosk
enGAGE T-Series Kiosk

Counter-Mount Payment Kiosks

REDYREF Kiosk Prodigy-C QSR bw
enGAGE C-Series Counter-Mount Kiosk
T-Flex Countermount Payment Kiosk

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