RedyRef Deploys New Wayfinding Kiosk at Sarasota International Airport

RedyRef has completed the installation of Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ)’s first interactive wayfinding kiosk in Manatee County, Florida. The installation features the new enGAGE H-Series, a 42” modular touchscreen kiosk that was designed to help travelers find any location within the airport’s footprint.  This includes airport gates, restaurants, restrooms, baggage claim and any other services airport visitors may need.


 Digital Wayfinding Kiosk


The Sarasota project presented some unique challenges for our design team. One of the primary requirements of the solution was to ensure users did not have to search via keyword or click through multiple screens in order to find the needed information.

REDYREF's team of developers rose to the occasion, designing a deceptively simple user interface capable of effectively housing and organizing many layers of complex information. This one-screen solution features a navigation menu on the left, and a map of the airport on the right, which allows users to simply select an area on the menu with a single touch, and immediately see the chosen area highlighted on the map along with their current airport location.

The kiosk is also easy to maintain by airport employees. Said REDYREF Managing Partner, Will Pymm, “Besides offering travelers an enhanced customer experience, Sarasota’s new wayfinding kiosk was designed to be easily updated or refreshed either via smartphone or computer.  We believe this kind of functionality is essential to the success of a kiosk in a busy, at times even chaotic environment, like that found in an international airport.”

Besides its intuitive UI, the new Sarasota airport kiosk is also one of the first live deployments of the REDYREF enGAGE H-Series kiosk. This modular, freestanding enclosure combines sleek, powder-coated steel construction with an extensive range of available options including an expansive array of other hardware components and integrations. Although the H-Series comes standard with a 42″ LCD monitor, it may be built with other display sizes when required.

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