REDYREF Interactive Kiosks Acquires Livewire Digital, Expanding Market Presence and Enhancing Customer Engagement Solutions

REDYREF Interactive Kiosks proudly announces the successful acquisition of Livewire Digital, enhancing its position as a leader in self-service kiosk technology. This strategic partnership solidifies their commitment to delivering cutting-edge customer engagement solutions across diverse industries. Together, they aim to revolutionize customer engagement, offering unmatched, end-to-end kiosk solutions.
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Riverdale, New Jersey, December 5, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- REDYREF Interactive Kiosks, a leading self-service kiosk technology manufacturer, proudly announces the successful acquisition of Livewire Digital, a renowned provider of interactive kiosk software and services. This strategic partnership represents a significant milestone for both companies, reinforcing their commitment to delivering cutting-edge customer engagement solutions across diverse industries.

REDYREF, a key player in the digital kiosk industry, is known for its innovative hardware and enclosures tailored to evolving business needs. With the acquisition of Livewire, REDYREF enhances its capabilities in self-service software and solutions, solidifying its position as a comprehensive interactive technology provider.

This collaboration brings together two industry leaders with complementary strengths and expertise. Livewire Digital's track record in kiosk software development aligns seamlessly with REDYREF's vision of providing captivating and customer-connecting indoor and outdoor interactive kiosks. The combined forces of REDYREF and Livewire Digital will drive the development of next-generation self-service solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance customer interactions and operational efficiency.

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William Pymm, VP and Managing Partner, states, "The acquisition of Livewire Digital represents a significant step forward for REDYREF. We are excited to merge our strengths to deliver more compelling customer experiences. By integrating Livewire Digital's software expertise with REDYREF's kiosk enclosures, we offer unmatched, end-to-end kiosk solutions, from reverse ATMs to self-ticketing.”

David McCracken, founder and CEO of Livewire, says, “We are thrilled to be part of the REDYREF team. This acquisition marks an exciting chapter in our company’s journey. By combining our software expertise with REDYREF's kiosk design and manufacturing, we are poised to revolutionize customer engagement. This is a remarkable opportunity to unlock the full potential of self-service.”

Both companies, known for their customer-centric approach, emphasize understanding the unique needs of businesses in various industries. Together, REDYREF and Livewire Digital will have an expanded capacity to deliver tailored interactive experiences for industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcareentertainment, and transportation. The combined expertise, resources, and commitment to innovation of the two companies will empower businesses to redefine customer interactions, elevate their brands, and drive meaningful outcomes.


About REDYREF Interactive Kiosks:

REDYREF Interactive Kiosks is a leading manufacturer of innovative self-service kiosks. With a wide range of cutting-edge interactive kiosks, software applications, and turnkey services, REDYREF enables businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences across various industries. Learn more at

About Livewire Digital:

Livewire Digital is a renowned provider of interactive self-service software and services. With expertise in developing innovative software and transaction-based solutions, Livewire Digital helps businesses engage end users, streamline operations, and enhance customer service. Learn more at

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