REDYREF + Smart City Media Give Kansas City Bus Shelters a Digital Makeover

REDYREF has proven that urban bus shelters can be not only highly functional, but beautiful as well.

KCATA Digital Bus Shelter Kiosk by REDYREF

This fall marked the debut of Kansas City Area Transportation Authority’s (KCATA) new modern, digitally-enhanced bus shelters along Kansas City’s MAX bus line, with kiosks, designed and deployed by REDYREF Interactive and its partner Smart City Media.

“From the start, partnering with Smart City Media to create these interactive, ‘smart’ bus shelters for KCATA has been an incredible experience,” said Will Pymm, Managing Partner, REDYREF. “We couldn’t have been more pleased with the entire process, and are looking forward to seeing the project rolled out in its entirety.”

The new downtown Prospect Avenue MAX stations are designed to blend in with the area’s streetscape, making it easier for pedestrian traffic on sidewalks.

“We’re very excited about it,” said Richard Jarrold, senior vice president for strategic planning at the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. “Twelfth and Grand pedestrian traffic is booming, we’re taking too much of the sidewalk.”

Each station features an interactive smart kiosk that gives riders real-time bus arrival information and access to a city-wide directory, as well as protection from the elements and enhanced lighting for improved safety and greater visibility.

KCATA Bus Shelter Kiosk Project

KCATA project manager Linda Clark said she wants people to know the new MAX bus kiosks will also offer information about connecting routes, as well as a web-based portal that will allow community members to advertise events.

“If this community center were having an event, the kiosk out there on 27th and Prospect would tell you about the event. All you have to do is touch the icon,” she said.

Each interactive outdoor “smart city” kiosk features 55” touch displays and is fully ruggedized to be able to withstand the wide variations in Kansas City weather. From 90+ degree heat to snow and freezing temperatures, the kiosks are built to continue operating smoothly and continuously. The digital kiosk displays also offer single- and dual-sided options, as well as additional components such as wireless capability, video cameras and all integrations needed to allow for ADA compliance.

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