SIM Dispensing Kiosk for American Telecom Giant


REDYREF was approached by a large telecom company to develop a SIM card dispensing kiosk for their retail stores.

SIM cards are one of the most crucial parts of a cell phone, as they store unique data for GSM cellular telephone subscribers and allow the phones to operate on cellular networks. The vast majority of mobile phones require SIM cards in order to make calls, send texts, or connect to mobile internet services. 



The kiosk would need to fit the style of the company’s brand, as well as working with the store’s footprint and overall design.

It would require a number of specific integrations and components as well. These included a dispenser able to distribute three different sizes of SIM cards (regular, micro and nano); a scanner to capture the ICCID barcode on each card as it is dispensed to the buyer; a barcode scanner to capture the data contained in users’ driver’s licenses; a webcam to securely record each transaction; and quantity sensors configured to send alerts for resupply of the cards as stock runs low.


REDYREF designed a vending kiosk with all of the client’s requirements, taking security into especially close consideration. The kiosk was ultimately fitted with a tracking device, a secure browser, and break-in alert functionality built into the software to monitor the kiosk door switches that outputs to an external alarm.


The kiosk offers convenience to by accepting a range of payment options including credit card and NFC (Apple/Google/Samsung Pay) payments. A large, 42” capacitive touchscreen (PCAP) allows for easy navigation on a crystal-clear display, ultimately resulting in a streamlined user experience for the end customer and reduced overhead for the client.

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