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As the world learns how to best navigate COVID-19, there has been an increasing demand for technology that will allow companies to operate as safely as possible during this time, and beyond. An important part of "slowing the spread" is consistent, proactive monitoring for symptoms like fevers.

REDYREF's touchless temperature screening kiosk has been developed to assist organizations in getting their employees back to work with less risk and more confidence by monitoring users for fevers.  While designed as a COVID-19 screening kiosk, it is an investment that will pay dividends for many years to come, helping protect staff, visitors, and guests from potential exposure to other viruses, including influenza and the common cold.
REDYREF Wellness Kiosk for COVID-19

temperature checks

REDYREF's contactless wellness kiosk checks users' temperatures in seconds. Contactless screening via digital kiosk is a safer, simpler option than utilizing human resources who would be risking regular virus exposure.  

The speed and efficiency of the temperature screening kiosk are due to touchless advanced thermal imaging technology that allows potentially contagious employees, visitors and guests to be identified quickly, before they infect others.


Temperature reports

If the temperature sensor detects a fever, it then issues an alert to the user, which is also relayed to appropriate staff. Alerts may be communicated via email or text/SMS. 

This allows potentially contagious individuals to be separated from the public to either undergo further screening or be sent home before they are allowed to infect others. This helps protect employees and reduce additional potential absenteeism due to a larger COVID-19 or other virus outbreak

Temperature Screening COVID-19 Kiosk by REDYREF
Contactless Hand Sanitizer Kiosk by REDYREF

Hand sanitizer dispenser

REDYREF's contactless temperature screening kiosk also encourages users to keep their hands clean by integrating a touchless hand sanitizer dispensing station directly under the display. Sanitizer availability and use can be emphasized via digital on-screen messaging programmed to remind employees, visitors and guests to do their part by washing their hands frequently and using sanitizer when available. 


Industries that should screen for COVID-19

Any organization that primarily operates indoors should consider screening for COVID-19, alongside other known preventative measures, such hand washing, using hand sanitizer, and the regular, consistent use of masks or other facial coverings whenever possible.

Industries conducting business that requires groups, whether large or small, to gather, especially without the ability to appropriately social distance, should also consider screening for COVID-19. This includes:

- Airlines
- Restaurants
- Hospitals
- Retail stores
- Corporate offices
- Residential properties
- Construction and property development
- Theme parks and museums
- Entertainment venues (stadiums, arenas, concert halls)

Temperature Screening Kiosk
Image of Temperature Taking Wellness Kiosk

how to get started with a temperature screening kiosk

REDYREF's integrated business model is unique in the kiosk manufacturing industry as it allows us to be involved in the kiosk development process from design through deployment. 

Our holistic approach to kiosk manufacturing makes it easy for us to  respond quickly to new technology demands at market, such as COVID-19 screening capabilities.  

Contact REDYREF today to get started with customizing a temperature screening kiosk that protects employees and visitors from those who are potentially ill, while assisting in "slowing the spread" of COVID-19 and other contagions.


Temperature Screening Kiosk faq

How quickly does the kiosk read the user's temperature?

Temperatures are read by the kiosk in approximately one second. 

Can i set my own temperature threshold?

Yes, the kiosk may be programmed to issue alerts only when the user's temperature is at or over a specific number. 

Can the temperature screening kiosk be integrated with other features?

Yes, the kiosk can be integrated with additional software, including that which can restrict or enable building access based on the user's temperature and / or self-reported symptoms.  Other integrations include facial recognition and text-to-mobile capabilities.  Please contact us for details. 
Touchless Temperature Check Kiosk for COVID-19

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