The Role of Interactive Kiosks in Not-for-Profit Fundraising Environments

Interactive kiosks are finding homes across a range of applications, from retail and food service to office buildings and high-rise apartments. But not-for-profit organizations — in particular, advocacy groups that have been specifically formed to support a particular cause — are beginning to utilize touchscreen kiosks successfully as well.

One of the most popular uses for interactive kiosks is fundraising. This is logical, given that these organizations often rely on the proceeds of a series of key events over the course of the year in order to ensure they are able to fund their annual operating budget. Fundraising kiosks assist in several ways. One is by offering an opportunity to potentially raise the average donation amount via fixed donation amounts. Instead of giving patrons the option to fill in the donation amount manually, using radio buttons or checkboxes to limit choices to pre-filled donation amounts based on previously-collected data and donation history can help increase the size of individual donations.

Another way to utilize touchscreen kiosks in non-profit event settings is to use them at the event’s check in. While certain events do not lend themselves to this type of use, there are plenty that do. Take a wine tasting fundraiser to benefit a local food pantry, for example. Depending on the size, there could be hundreds — if not more — in attendance. Allowing patrons to scan their tickets automatically at a kiosk is likely to be much more convenient and efficient than manning a line with a volunteer, who is juggling questions and tickets and a hand-held scanner, along with impatient event attendees. At the same time, it’s an excellent way to talk directly to patrons by asking them if they wish to donate an additional amount at the time they enter the event.

Touchscreen kiosks are also extremely helpful during the course of fundraising events. Many benefits include silent auctions or other interactive activities. Instead of requiring potential donors to use paper and pencil to bid, instead, many charities are using intelligently placed tablet kiosks to keep events running smoothly, tablets secure and to cut down on the need for individual volunteer assistance. Interactive tablet kiosks can also help attendees to explore the offerings up for bid, as well as find more information about the charity itself, the venue or the event overall.

The use of touchscreen kiosks in not-for-profit environments is growing rapidly, regardless of how it’s implemented. While certainly an investment, it can result in larger donations that enable organizations to more for their communities. Redyref understands what makes interactive kiosks work and our capabilities include not just creating the physical kiosk, but custom software to suit any need as well. We invite you to submit a request for proposal online or call (800) 628-3603 today and we will be there every step of the way to help design, fabricate and install the best possible kiosk solution for your unique needs and goals.

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