REDYREF Completes Installation of 13 Wayfinding Kiosks for Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

In early October, REDYREF Interactive completed an installation of 13 digital wayfinding kiosks for Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare (TMH) in Tallahassee, Florida. TMH comprises a 772-bed acute care hospital, a psychiatric hospital and multiple specialty care centers, serving 17 counties across the Florida panhandle and southern Georgia. 


Digital Healthcare Kiosks Designed with Patients in Mind

The TMH leadership team was focused on creating a stress-free experience for patients, visitors, and guests while on the hospital’s campus via these new kiosks, so intuitive digital directory and wayfinding capabilities were paramount in the kiosks’ design. Therefore, they not only allow users to search for various personnel and offices within the facility via interactive means, they also offer the option to utilize dynamic animated paths for real-time navigation assistance. This includes full contactless mobile handover options, so that directions can be sent to personal mobile devices via QR code scanning. 

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the Tallahassee Memorial deployment,” said Will Pymm, REDYREF’s vice president and managing partner. “These kiosks do exactly what they were designed to do -- communicate, assist, and inform in a patient-centered healthcare environment -- and do so beautifully.” 


Hospital Kiosks: More than Just Maps

TMH’s new digital kiosks are also capable of displaying building information, news, emergency communications, public health notices, current weather and detailed maps for each building’s floor as well as the hospital campus as a whole. Additionally, they meet ADA wheelchair accessibility standards; when the ADA button is selected, the digital user interface is “lowered” to standard wheelchair height for easier access. 

Other features of the TMH kiosks include:

  • (10) 55” Touch and Non-Touch Displays
  • (3) 42” Touch Displays
  • Custom enclosures with additional architectural signage
  • Fast and easy access to internal kiosk features via removable covers
  • Cloud-based content management system for quick changes and updates to information, all performed remotely

With so many useful features, it’s easy to see how these kiosks help patients and visitors get where they need to be quickly and easily, eliminating unnecessary stress during what is often an already-stressful time. 


REDYREF: The Future of Digital Healthcare Kiosks

Although digital kiosks are most commonly used to provide information and navigation assistance to patients and visitors when deployed in healthcare environments, continuous innovation in this area has led to the adoption of a wide range of hospital kiosks that do more than wayfinding and communication. From patient check-in kiosks and temperature screening, to telemedicine appointments and touchless hand sanitizer dispensing, healthcare kiosks can help enhance the patient experience in any number of ways.

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