Wendy’s Hamburgers Self-Order Kiosk


REDYREF was chosen to design, manufacture and deploy self-service kiosks for Wendy’s Hamburger locations across the U.S.

Offering a self-pay / self-order option for customers is becoming the new normal, but at the time, Wendy’s was one of the first quick-service restaurant (QSR) organizations to deploy such a program.


REDYREF was initially contracted to deliver interactive kiosks for test locations that would then be rolled out into wide release were they to be successful.

Wendy’s goal for the kiosk was two-fold - to give younger customers the type of customizable ordering experience they prefer, and to reduce costs.

Wendy's Hamburgers Kiosk


REDYREF developed a new, purpose-built kiosk model - the Presto - in order to meet all of Wendy’s’ needs. This interactive kiosk can be pole- or wall-mounted depending on the installation environment, store foot print and traffic flow.

The kiosk software optimized the ordering process in such a way as to decrease wait times during peak hours and allow for easier order customization for diners, as well as more incremental upsell opportunities for the company.


The Wendy’s kiosk test was an immediate success, resulting in a wide release the following year.  “It’s clear Wendy’s intends to stay at the forefront of self-service technology,” said REDYREF Managing Partner, Will Pymm, about the company’s selection as Wendy’s’ kiosk partner.

“It’s gratifying to be able to work with such a progressive, well-respected company and we look forward to continuing our partnership as we seek to push the boundaries of interactive kiosks in QSR environments together.”

Wendy's QSR Kiosks by REDYREF

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