White Paper: Assessing Potential Kiosk Industry Partners

So, after months of research and analysis, you’ve looked at all the options, and decided that deploying self-service kiosks is the best way to save your company money, while still serving your customers’ needs. Excellent! Take a moment to pat yourself on the back; you’ve likely earned it. Don’t worry -- we’ll wait.

All set? Great. Because now that you’ve taken that much deserved break, it’s time to get started on the real work -- figuring out who you can trust to design, engineer, fabricate, assemble and install your kiosks on time, within your stated budget, using high quality materials and components while providing excellent customer service.

Okay; we realize it may sound like we’re dreaming the impossible dream, here -- but trust us, we’re not. That’s the entire reason we’re taking the time to write this paper: to offer professional guidance for those who may have never before sourced a kiosk manufacturing company, and to make it easier for those who have gone through the process in the past, but are hoping to make a more informed choice the next time around.

Ready to get started?  Download our white paper now!

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