What are the Benefits of Conference Room Digital Signage?

Conference room digital signage is an invaluable asset for any company. Used to streamline the scheduling process, it can boost productivity and save time, while providing a better experience for employees and their guests. Today we will discuss what conference room digital signage is and how it can benefit your business.

conference room signage.

Importance of Conference Room Digital Signage

Conference room digital signage serves a vital purpose in any company that utilizes conference meeting rooms. While it is primarily used as a way to display the conference room’s schedule for the day and upcoming week, it can also be used to welcome guests and visiting organizations, while simplifying some of the logistical challenges that come along with synching meeting schedules around conference room openings. In fact, according to an article, approximately 65% of the population are visual learners, which means that graphics-based information sharing is often a preferable means for communicating to many people at once. 

7 Benefits of Conference Room Digital Signage

Digital conference room signage provides organizations with many benefits, some of which are outlined below.

1) Booking a Conference Room

Digital conference room signage helps to streamline and simplify the process of booking a meeting room. It can easily be integrated with existing calendar systems and provide a streamlined way to view individuals’ availability alongside the room’s. This can help prevent double-booking as well as scheduling conflicts between employees, ultimately saving both time and frustration.

2) Visual Display of Room Availability

Digital conference room signage is able to display up-to-date information regarding the room’s availability in a graphical format outside of the room without disturbing those already inside. This display shows real-time information, so if a meeting is canceled, relocated, or rescheduled, users see the latest schedule, allowing for better transparency and therefore, more efficient utilization of company resources.

3) Better employee and visitor experience

Digital signage provides employees and guests with a better user experience overall. With many check-in solutions available to simplify visitor management, businesses can easily integrate their calendar, conference room and check-in software to streamline multiple systems into one

4) Wayfinding and welcome signage

Digital conference room signage can also serve as part of a larger wayfinding system. Wayfinding is the act of assisting new and returning visitors in familiarizing themselves with their surroundings. Conference room signage outside of meeting rooms can display a meeting room name and number, providing a helpful landmark to assist in orienting new employees and guests. Because the signage is digital and easy to update remotely, these displays are also capable of displaying welcoming images or messages for visitors.

5) Customizable Messaging

Digital conference room signage is customizable, and therefore able to be easily updated for any situation. This is helpful not just to inform as to who currently has the room scheduled, but also to mark celebrations or parties, and even to communicate information regarding emergencies or public health reminders. For example, birthday parties, company announcements, and upcoming event notices can all be displayed as customized messaging with digital signage, making it a more natural and integrated aspect of day-to-day work life. 

6) Increased employee productivity

Employee productivity will ultimately increase with conference room digital signage as it helps avoid most scheduling conflicts and simplifies the meeting room booking process. With the ease of use that digital signage brings, an employee can easily schedule a conference room for a meeting or other event without the need to contact every required attendee separately to learn their availability.

7) Space utilization and metrics

For most companies, space is at a premium, so being efficient with the space they have is a must. With digital signage for conference rooms, facilities management and building operations specialists are able to see which rooms are most in use allowing them to better understand how much space is actually needed or used, and how much space is currently underutilized. Ultimately, this data gives organizations a better idea of their space requirements, helping to manage growth while controlling costs.

Digital signage can help many companies grow via greater efficiency and transparency, leading to greater productivity.  Conference room digital signage is no different, providing these benefits while offering employees more autonomy while saving them time over the course of their workweek. 

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