Choosing and Sourcing Quality Kiosk Components: Stage Two

Last week, we discussed how to choose the right kiosk components for a project. This week, we conclude with the second stage of kiosk development and component selection: sourcing the actual components to be used in the final design, and the choices that will need to be made around these decisions.

Let’s say there are two companies -- Company X and Company Y.

Company X has worked with an engineering firm to design their latest product. Because this company does not handle fabrication and component sourcing, Company X is now basically on their own.

They will likely need to:

  • Utilize the Internet to search for what they need, based on general component descriptions
  • Contact multiple companies to find out who produces the necessary components
  • Figure out if the (multiple) companies they will need to source product from provide quality parts

Once Company X has sourced the appropriate components, there are still obstacles to overcome, and questions that will need answers, including:

  • Acquiring samples of each component, requiring communication with several different resources and often a sizable financial investment
  • Sourcing the right software for the kiosk’s intended purpose in the marketplace
  • Deciding on an operating system, based on which OS the components are most easily able to “talk” to
  • Finding out if the chosen components include an existing SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Assembling and testing the components together to be sure that they work not just in theory, but also in practice
  • Contracting with a fabricator who can integrate the component set and software into a metal enclosure that is suited for its ultimate purpose

Company Y chooses REDYREF at the start of their kiosk project. As an end-to-end, vertically-integrated kiosk manufacturer, we provide Company Y with a single, focused resource from kiosk design through installation -- including component selection and sourcing. This allows them to focus on their business, instead of wasting days or even weeks researching and contacting different manufacturers for each kiosk requirement.

REDYREF also produces or contracts for the software for the interactive kiosk application that is being designed -- a factor equal in importance to component selection. Because we design the software ourselves, we are able to ensure that every component Company Y chooses will run on it.  Essentially, we take the guesswork out of the process by helping them choose components that we know will work the way they want them to, on the operating system of their choosing, be it Linux, Windows or iOS; whether or not they include an SDK; regardless of the type of configuration.

Additionally, we’re able to verify that all selected components work/function as expected by building a working set on a test bench (also in-house) before the kiosk undergoes the final, critical stages of engineering and production.

So, which company’s process seems more appealing? We’re clearly biased, but we still think Company Y’s customer experience beats Company X’s by a mile.

From metal enclosures, to kiosk components and software, REDYREF ensures that every aspect of a kiosk’s design and production is in alignment.  By keeping most processes in house and under our strict controls, we know that each individual component is up to our standards of quality and performs the way in which it was intended, saving our clients time, money and unnecessary frustration.

Want to know how we can assist your company with component selection and enclosure fabrication?  Submit a request for proposal online or call (800) 628-3603 today for more information.

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