COVID-19: Visitor and Personnel Management Technology Trends for the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted society globally in ways that will affect the way we function for the foreseeable future, and companies must find ways to adapt during an unprecedented time. As countries, states and cities open back up, one of the primary potential roadblocks to success will be individuals’ general hesitation to interact with or touch anything in public, from pens to tablet screens, unless absolutely necessary. 

Nowhere will this be more obvious than within environments where visitor and personnel management technology is necessary to assist guests and keep employees and tenants safe. Adopting tech that is low-touch/no-touch/safer-to-touch and easily sanitized or otherwise made safe from a public health perspective will be imperative as we go forward in this post-COVID-19 “new normal.”


COVID-19 Tech Trends Presentation

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Multi-Industry Visitor Management Technology for a Post-COVID-19 World

REDYREF offers kiosk solutions across markets and applications, including:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Medical Buildings & Campuses
  • Mixed-Use and Retail Spaces
  • Hospitality and Enterprise

While each has its own specific challenges related to the pandemic, the universal theme of incorporating safe use of visitor management technology is relevant to all, whether via mobile directory software, or self-sanitizing kiosk hardware


No-Touch, Low-Touch, Safer-to-Touch: Personnel and Visitor Management Solutions for the “New Normal”

Every organization will need to make changes to its visitor management protocol to some degree while adjusting to life post-pandemic. That’s why REDYREF now offers multiple solutions to ensure the safety of visitors, guests, tenants and employees that give companies the facilities control they need, while retaining access to the same rich end-user analytics to which they’ve become accustomed, including:

No-Touch/Low-Touch Self-Service Technology

  • Touchless Mobile Directory and Wayfinding 
    • No use of public touch screen required; content is sent to users’ personal mobile devices via QR code 
    • Enable users to find offices, individuals, services, and amenities while maintaining social distancing
    • Seamlessly replicate all kiosk and signage functionality/interactivity, including directory, wayfinding, local information, and advertising content
    • Reduce costs and risks associated with in-person visitor management and customer service agents
      Mobile, Touchless Wayfinding Image
  • Touchless COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring and Tracking Kiosks 
    • Can be integrated with touchless thermal imaging to check employees’ and visitors’ temperatures prior to accessing the main facility
    • Facial recognition technology available
    • Can be integrated with facility access control via a pass system
    • Creates and documents symptom attestation, creating a safer environment while mitigating the risk of potential litigation from previously-uninfected individuals
  • "Always-On" Dynamic Digital Signage
    • Keep up with information that changes daily, sometimes hourly, without resorting to paper flyers
    • Display CDC, state and mandatory safety notices on large format digital signage with customizable messaging that is easily updated via cloud-based software
    • Make listings and notices easily visible at a glance from a safe social distance
    • Scan-to-mobile interactivity available when additional information is desired or required
    • Track scanning rates and engagement

digital messaging signage

  • Contactless Facilities Access Control and Management 
    • Reduce the risk of lobby overcrowding and facilitate social distancing 
    • No touch required; all calling is launched through personal mobile phones
    • Allow visitors and guests to call or text tenants without engaging front-office staff
    • Analytics display the number of calls, texts, and visitor engagements
  • Contactless Virtual Concierge
    • Provide assistance and support to visitors and guests while maintaining social distancing recommendations
    • Make the most of human resources across facilities while maintaining high standards of service
    • Migrate functionality to fully touchless or enable customer assistance via the touch of a single push-button

Safer-to-Touch Self-Service Kiosk Technology

  • Anti-microbial film for touchscreen displays
    • Anti-bacterial, anti-scratch
    • Prevents bacterial contamination of screens; tested against a wide range of pathogens including MRSA, E-coli, Streptococcus Pyogenes, and Klebsiella Pneumoniae
    • Hard-coat film is 120 microns thick and utilizes a high-grade silicone adhesive
    • Can be used with touchscreens, computer monitors, kiosks, medical devices, and digital displays
  • Integrated liquid hand sanitizer dispensing components for touchscreen kiosks
  • Stand-alone liquid hand-sanitizer dispensing kiosks
  • Hand sanitizer wipe integrations for interactive kiosks 

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk
While it’s impossible to predict exactly what to expect from the post-COVID-19 new normal, what is clear is that visitors, guests, and employees will expect organizations to roll out the best available technology to help keep them safe. This includes touchless, low-touch, and safer-to-touch visitor management solutions, like those available from REDYREF, that are easily accessible to all. 

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