If you can dream it, RedyRef can do it.

Our custom self-service kiosks offer flexible solutions that enable us to meet almost any need, whether in airports, shopping malls or university campuses.  Our vertically-integrated design and manufacturing process allows our customers to find what works for their unique situation and environment.


Each customer who approaches us has a project requirement or idea that they need to implement and deploy successfully. We evaluate the project requirements and use our employees’ expertise to recommend user experience, user functionality, display size and enclosure design that will meet the functional and aesthetic needs of the customer.

RedyRef will create photo realistic renderings to portray the finished product and the layout. Additionally, the customer’s budget and timeline for project completion is in taken into consideration. Every detail is laid out on the table to make sure we have the best possible plan before entering the engineering stage of the project.


Our engineering team will analyze the project holistically and develop a submittal drawing showing how our solution will be integrated into your space. All the details are outlined from mounting the hardware, to the fabrication of the enclosure to the power and data lines required.

Additionally our software development team lays out the screen flow and graphic UX design.

Customer Approval

Once the design concepts are developed, RedyRef engineers create detailed 3-Dimensional Solid Works files that are reviewed by the customer and approve before any fabrication begins. This is the opportunity to really see what the final product will look like.

Our software development team provides screen shots of the final layout. The customer has the opportunity to approve all the layouts prior to development. With our Content Management system most of the colors and branding can be changed at any time quite easily.


Now that all the details are approved, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility begins the execution of building the kiosk or enclosure. We then integrate all the hardware components for testing. Additionally the software development team is programming the directory with its functionality and configuring the directory content. Everything is finally tested and Quality Control confirms the system is operating successfully.



There are many logistics involved when installing a custom directory and REDYREF has the experience to make sure the system is mounted securely and the directory is operating properly. If the customer decides to install the directory with their internal team then we will be there remotely to support the install team if they have any questions or issues.

Let’s Talk!

Whether you have a single question about custom self-service kiosks or already know exactly what you want, we can help.  Get the ball rolling by contacting us today.

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